List of Cad file extensions

There are many different cad file extensions and cad file types used with computers, and you'll find an entire list of cad file extensions and types on our computer files and file extensions page. It is impossible to remember all file extensions and their associated software programs. Below is the list of cad file extensions, broken into categories by sort of files along with the developer and available 100% free online cad file tools and apps.

Extension File Type Developer Free Apps
.123 PCB123 Circuit Board Design Sunstone Circuits Free 123 Apps
.123C Autodesk 123C Drawing Autodesk Free 123C Apps
.123D Autodesk 123D Drawing Autodesk Free 123D Apps
.123DX 123D Design Model File Autodesk Free 123DX Apps
.2D VersaCAD 2D Drawing File Archway Systems Free 2D Apps
.3DC RoboCell Cell Setup File Intelitek Free 3DC Apps
.3DL Sierra LandDesigner 3D File Sierra Entertainment Free 3DL Apps
.3W XYZprinting Sliced Model File XYZprinting Free 3W Apps
.A2L ASAP2 ECU Description File ASAM MCD-2MC Free A2L Apps
.ACT Alma CAD/CAM Document Alma Free ACT Apps
.ADI AutoCAD Device-Independent Binary Plotter File Autodesk Free ADI Apps
.ADT AutoCAD Audit Log Autodesk Free ADT Apps
.AFD Alphacam Flame Drawing Planit Free AFD Apps
.AFS Project File Bentley Systems Free AFS Apps
.ANY AnyRail Layout Plan DRail Modelspoor Software Free ANY Apps
.ARD ArtiosCAD Workspace File Esko Free ARD Apps
.ART ArtCAM Model Delcam Free ART Apps
.ASC LTspice Circuit Schematic File Linear Technology Free ASC Apps
.ASM Solid Edge Assembly File Siemens Free ASM Apps
.ASY LTspice Symbol File Linear Technology Free ASY Apps
.ATT Alphacam Lathe Tool File Alphacam Free ATT Apps
.BBCD BobCAD-CAM Document BobCAD-CAM Free BBCD Apps
.BCD RealView Debugger Board Chip Definition File ARM Free BCD Apps
.BDC West Point Bridge Designer Design File West Point Free BDC Apps
.BDL CoCreate Bundle File Parametric Technology Free BDL Apps
.BIT Xilinx Bitstream File Xilinx Free BIT Apps
.BLK AutoCAD Block Template File Autodesk Free BLK Apps
.BMF FloorPlan File IMSI Design Free BMF Apps
.BPM Bizagi Process Modeler Bizagi Free BPM Apps
.BPMC Bizagi Process Modeler Collaboration Bizagi Free BPMC Apps
.BPZ Easy Blue Print Symbol Library Easy Blue Print Free BPZ Apps
.BRD Cadence Allegro PCB Design File Cadence Design Systems Free BRD Apps
.BRD KiCad PCB Design File KiCad Free BRD Apps
.BSW StruWalker 3D Model StruMIS Free BSW Apps
.BSWX BIMReview 3D Model StruMIS Free BSWX Apps
.BXL Accelerated Designs PCB Library File Accelerated Designs Free BXL Apps
.CAD Autodesk QuickCAD File Autodesk Free CAD Apps
.CAM FastCAM CAM File FastCAM Free CAM Apps
.CAM Gerber CAM Job File Ucamco Free CAM Apps
.CATDRAWING CATIA V5 Drawing Dassault Systemes Free CATDRAWING Apps
.CATPART CATIA V5 Part File Dassault Systemes Free CATPART Apps
.CATPRODUCT CATIA V5 Assembly File Dassault Systemes Free CATPRODUCT Apps
.CDDX Circuit Diagram Document Circuit Diagram Free CDDX Apps
.CDL CADKEY Wireframe Design File Kubotek Free CDL Apps
.CDW KOMPAS Document ASCON Free CDW Apps
.CEL MicroStation Cell Library Bentley Systems Free CEL Apps
.CF2 Common File Format File Not Available Free CF2 Apps
.CFF Common File Format Not Available Free CFF Apps
.CGR CATIA Graphical Representation File Dassault Systemes Free CGR Apps
.CIB Luminaire Data File DIAL Free CIB Apps
.CIRCUIT KTechlab Circuit Design File KTechlab Free CIRCUIT Apps
.CKD Kubotek Design Container Kubotek Free CKD Apps
.CMP Solid Edge Wire Harness File Siemens Free CMP Apps
.CMP Generic CADD Component File General CADD Products Free CMP Apps
.CNC PartMaster CNC File Dolphin Cad Cam Free CNC Apps
.CNC CNC Machine Tool Path Denford Free CNC Apps
.CND Melco Condensed Embroidery File Melco Free CND Apps
.CPA CADSTAR PCB Archive File Zuken Free CPA Apps
.CRV VCarve Pro Design File Vectric Free CRV Apps
.CYP Home Designer Pro Project File Chief Architect Free CYP Apps
.CZD CAD Zone Drawing The CAD Zone Free CZD Apps
.DB1 Tekla Structures Model File Tekla Free DB1 Apps
.DBQ AutoCAD Query Set Autodesk Free DBQ Apps
.DC DesignCAD Design File IMSI Design Free DC Apps
.DC1 DevCad Document DevCad Free DC1 Apps
.DC2 DevCad Cam Pro Document DevCad Free DC2 Apps
.DC2 DesignCAD 2D ASCII Drawing IMSI Design Free DC2 Apps
.DC3 DesignCAD 3D ASCII Drawing IMSI Design Free DC3 Apps
.DCD DesignCAD Drawing IMSI Design Free DCD Apps
.DFT Solid Edge Draft Document Not Available Free DFT Apps
.DFX Drafix CAD File Autodesk Free DFX Apps
.DGB FlashCAD Drawing Database Digitarch Free DGB Apps
.DGK Delcam 3D Model File Delcam Free DGK Apps
.DGN MicroStation Design File Bentley Systems Free DGN Apps
.DLV CATIA 4 Export File Dassault Systemes Free DLV Apps
.DLX DIALux Document DIAL Free DLX Apps
.DRA Dolphin PartMaster Drawing File Dolphin Cad Cam Free DRA Apps
.DRA OrCAD Drawing File Cadence Design Systems Free DRA Apps
.DRG AllyCAD Drawing File Knowledge Base Free DRG Apps
.DRU EAGLE Design Rules File Autodesk Free DRU Apps
.DRW ANVIL Drawing File Manufacturing and Consulting Services Free DRW Apps
.DRW Personal Designer Drawing File Personal Designer Free DRW Apps
.DRWDOT SolidWorks Drawing Template Dassault Systemes Free DRWDOT Apps
.DSG Control Studio Document New Wave Concepts Free DSG Apps
.DSN OrCAD Design File Cadence Design Systems Free DSN Apps
.DST AutoCAD Sheet Set File Autodesk Free DST Apps
.DST Tajima Embroidery Format Tajima Free DST Apps
.DVG Graphic Works Vector Graphic Data Becker Free DVG Apps
.DWFX Design Web Format XPS File Autodesk Free DWFX Apps
.DWS AutoCAD Drawing Standards File Autodesk Free DWS Apps
.DWT AutoCAD Drawing Template Autodesk Free DWT Apps
.DXE AutoCAD Data Extraction Template Autodesk Free DXE Apps
.DXX AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Attribute File Autodesk Free DXX Apps
.EASM eDrawings Assembly File Dassault Systemes Free EASM Apps
.EDF Edificius Project Acca Software Free EDF Apps
.EDN EDIF Implementation Netlist File Xilinx Free EDN Apps
.EDRW SolidWorks eDrawings File Dassault Systemes Free EDRW Apps
.ELD Eulumdat Formatted Luminaire Data File DIAL Free ELD Apps
.EPF EAGLE Project Autodesk Free EPF Apps
.EPRT eDrawings File Dassault Systemes Free EPRT Apps
.EQN GAL Equation File Not Available Free EQN Apps
.EWB Electronics Workbench Circuit Design File National Instruments Free EWB Apps
.EWD EasyWOOD Design File DDX Free EWD Apps
.EXB CAXA Draft CAXA Free EXB Apps
.EZC AutoCAD Ecscad Components Backup File Autodesk Free EZC Apps
.EZP AutoCAD Ecscad Project Backup File Autodesk Free EZP Apps
.FAN Form•Z Animation File AutoDesSys Free FAN Apps
.FCD FastCAD DOS Drawing Evolution Computing Free FCD Apps
.FCSTD FreeCAD Document FreeCAD Free FCSTD Apps
.FCSTD1 FreeCAD Backup Document FreeCAD Free FCSTD1 Apps
.FCW FastCAD Windows Drawing Evolution Computing Free FCW Apps
.FLX FelixCAD Drawing Graebert Free FLX Apps
.FMZ Form•Z Project File AutoDesSys Free FMZ Apps
.FNC QuickCAM 3D CNC File Denford Free FNC Apps
.FPD Front Panel Designer Project Front Panel Express Free FPD Apps
.FPP Front Panel Project Front Panel Express Free FPP Apps
.FZ Fritzing Project File Fritzing Free FZ Apps
.FZB Fritzing Bin File Fritzing Free FZB Apps
.FZM Fritzing Module File Fritzing Free FZM Apps
.FZP Fritzing Part File Fritzing Free FZP Apps
.G BRL-CAD Geometry File BRL-CAD Free G Apps
.G3D GOM 3D File GOM Free G3D Apps
.GBX Gerber PCB File Not Available Free GBX Apps
.GCD Generic CADD Drawing File General CADD Products Free GCD Apps
.GCODE G-Code 3D Printer File Not Available Free GCODE Apps
.GDS Graphic Data System File Cadence Design Systems Free GDS Apps
.GEO TruTops Geometry File TRUMPF Free GEO Apps
.GSM Graphic Description Language File Not Available Free GSM Apps
.GXC General CADD Pro Component General CADD Products Free GXC Apps
.GXD General CADD Pro Drawing General CADD Products Free GXD Apps
.GXH General CADD Pro Hatch Pattern File General CADD Products Free GXH Apps
.GXM General CADD Pro Macro File General CADD Products Free GXM Apps
.HCP HydroCAD Project File HydroCAD Software Solutions Free HCP Apps
.HSC Aspen HYSYS Simulation File Aspen Technology Free HSC Apps
.HSF HOOPS Stream Format File Tech Soft 3D Free HSF Apps
.HUS Husqvarna Embroidery File Viking Free HUS Apps
.IAM Inventor Assembly File Autodesk Free IAM Apps
.IBA Lectra Clothing Design Pieces File Lectra Free IBA Apps
.IC3D IC3D Scene File IronCAD Free IC3D Apps
.ICD IronCAD 3D Drawing File IronCAD Free ICD Apps
.ICS IronCAD 3D Drawing File IronCAD Free ICS Apps
.IDCL Inventor Desktop Content Library File Autodesk Free IDCL Apps
.IDE Inventor iFeature File Autodesk Free IDE Apps
.IDV Inventor Design View File Autodesk Free IDV Apps
.IDW Inventor Drawing Autodesk Free IDW Apps
.IF Procedimientos-Uno IFWin Project File Procedimientos-Uno Free IF Apps
.IFCXML Industry Foundation Classes XML File Not Available Free IFCXML Apps
.IFCZIP Compessed IFC File Not Available Free IFCZIP Apps
.IGS IGES Drawing File Not Available Free IGS Apps
.IPF iMPACT Project File Xilinx Free IPF Apps
.IPJ Inventor Project File Autodesk Free IPJ Apps
.IPN Inventor Presentation File Autodesk Free IPN Apps
.IPT Inventor Part File Autodesk Free IPT Apps
.ISE Xilinx ISE Project Xilinx Free ISE Apps
.ISO Arbortext IsoDraw Document PTC Free ISO Apps
.ISOZ Compressed Arbortext IsoDraw Illustration PTC Free ISOZ Apps
.JAM Jam STAPL File Altera Free JAM Apps
.JBC Jam STAPL Byte-Code File Altera Free JBC Apps
.JOB MetaCAM Nest Job File Metamation Free JOB Apps
.JT JT Open CAD File Siemens PLM Software Free JT Apps
.JVSG Video Surveillance Project JVSG Free JVSG Apps
.JVSGZ Compressed Video Surveillance Project JVSG Free JVSGZ Apps
.KIT 2020 Design File Not Available Free KIT Apps
.L3B LEGO 3D Model File Not Available Free L3B Apps
.LCF ArchiCAD Library Container File Graphisoft Free LCF Apps
.LDR LDraw Model File LDraw org Free LDR Apps
.LDT Eulumdat Formatted Luminaire Data File DIAL Free LDT Apps
.LI3D Live Interior 3D Document BeLight Software Free LI3D Apps
.LIA P-CAD ASCII Library file P-CAD Free LIA Apps
.LIN AutoCAD Linetype File Autodesk Free LIN Apps
.LIZD Live Interior 3D Compressed Document BeLight Software Free LIZD Apps
.LOGICLY Logicly Circuit File Bowler Hat Free LOGICLY Apps
.LTL Luminaire Data File Not Available Free LTL Apps
.LYC bestIMAGE Compressed Design File Stork Prints Free LYC Apps
.LYR bestIMAGE Design File Stork Prints Austria spgprints Free LYR Apps
.MC9 Mastercam 9 Geometry File CNC Free MC9 Apps
.MCD MiniCAD Design File Nemetschek Free MCD Apps
.MCX MICRO CADAM-X/6000 Model Data File CNC Software Free MCX Apps
.MDL Lectra Modaris Clothing Design File Lectra Free MDL Apps
.MHS Xilinx XPS Hardware Specification File Not Available Free MHS Apps
.MIN Okuma CNC Program File Okuma Free MIN Apps
.MIN MAX Interchange Notation File Not Available Free MIN Apps
.MMG Model Master 3 Axis Flat File Model Master Free MMG Apps
.MOD Femap Model Siemens PLM Software Free MOD Apps
.MODEL CATIA 3D Model FIle Dassault Systemes Free MODEL Apps
.MODFEM Femap Model Siemens PLM Software Free MODFEM Apps
.MP10 Multisim 10 Project File National Instruments Free MP10 Apps
.MP11 Multisim 11 Project File National Instruments Free MP11 Apps
.MP12 Multisim 12 Project National Instruments Free MP12 Apps
.MP13 Multisim 13 Project National Instruments Free MP13 Apps
.MP14 Multisim 14 Project National Instruments Free MP14 Apps
.MP7 Multisim 7 Project File National Instruments Free MP7 Apps
.MP8 Multisim 8 Project National Instruments Free MP8 Apps
.MP9 Multisim 9 Project File National Instruments Free MP9 Apps
.MS11 Multisim 11 Circuit Design File National Instruments Free MS11 Apps
.MS12 Multisim 12 Circuit Design File National Instruments Free MS12 Apps
.MS13 Multisim 13 Circuit Design File National Instruments Free MS13 Apps
.MS14 Multisim 14 Circuit Design File National Instruments Free MS14 Apps
.MS7 Multisim 7 Circuit Design File National Instruments Free MS7 Apps
.MS9 Multisim 9 Circuit Design File National Instruments Free MS9 Apps
.MSM Multisim Circuit Design File National Instruments Free MSM Apps
.MTO FastCAM MTO Text File FastCAM Free MTO Apps
.MVS Microchip Verification Specification File Xilinx Free MVS Apps
.NC Mastercam Numerical Control File CNC Software Free NC Apps
.NC1 Mastercam Numerical Control File CNC Software Free NC1 Apps
.NEU Pro/ENGINEER Neutral File Parametric Technology Free NEU Apps
.NGC Xilinx Generated Netlist File Xilinx Free NGC Apps
.NGD Xilinx Netlist File Xilinx Free NGD Apps
.NPL Xilinx ISE 5-6 Project File Xilinx Free NPL Apps
.NWC Navisworks Cache File Autodesk Free NWC Apps
.NWD Navisworks Document Autodesk Free NWD Apps
.NWF Navisworks File Set Autodesk Free NWF Apps
.OLB OrCAD Symbol Library File Cadence Design Systems Free OLB Apps
.OPJ OrCAD Project File Cadence Design Systems Free OPJ Apps
.OPT Opterecenja File Zeljko Finzgar Free OPT Apps
.PAT AutoCAD Hatch Pattern File Autodesk Free PAT Apps
.PC6 PowerCADD 6 Drawing File Engineered Software Free PC6 Apps
.PC7 PowerCADD 7 Drawing File Engineered Software Free PC7 Apps
.PCS Pfaff Embroidery File Pfaff Free PCS Apps
.PHJ PhCNC Project File AccurateCNC Inc Free PHJ Apps
.PHO Gerber Photoplot File Ucamco Free PHO Apps
.PIPD PIPE-FLO Demo Project File Engineered Software Free PIPD Apps
.PIPE PIPE-FLO Project File Engineered Software Free PIPE Apps
.PLA ArchiCAD Project Archive Graphisoft Free PLA Apps
.PLN ArchiCAD Project File GRAPHISOFT Free PLN Apps
.PM3 Crouzet Logic Software M3 File Crouzet Free PM3 Apps
.PRG PC-DMIS Part Program File Hexagon Metrology Free PRG Apps
.PRO KiCad Project KiCad Free PRO Apps
.PRT Creo Parametric Part File PTC Free PRT Apps
.PRT CADKEY Part File Kubotek Free PRT Apps
.PRT Unigraphics Part File Siemens Free PRT Apps
.PRT Solid Edge Part File Siemens Free PRT Apps
.PSF AutoCAD PostScript Patterns File Autodesk Free PSF Apps
.PSM Solid Edge Sheet Metal File Siemens Free PSM Apps
.PSS AutoCAD Plot Stamp Settings File Autodesk Free PSS Apps
.PSU PSU Designer Document Duncan Amplification Free PSU Apps
.PSV Pipe System Viewer File Engineered Software Free PSV Apps
.PWD Solid Edge Weldment Document Siemens PLM Software Free PWD Apps
.PWT AutoCAD Publish To Web Template Autodesk Free PWT Apps
.QPM Quick Pallet Maker Input Data Koona Software Free QPM Apps
.RCD LEGO MINDSTORMS Recording File The LEGO Group Free RCD Apps
.RCV RoofCon Viewer Project File MiTek Industries Free RCV Apps
.RDF Relux Project File Relux Free RDF Apps
.RED CADViewer Redline Markup File Tailor Made Software Free RED Apps
.RIG vRigger Design File Iterum Free RIG Apps
.RML Redline Markup Language File Autodesk Free RML Apps
.RRA vRigger Rigging Gear File Iterum Free RRA Apps
.RS RapidSketch Document Utilant Free RS Apps
.RSG RaySupreme Graph BrainDistrict GmbH Free RSG Apps
.RSM RouterSim Network Visualizer File RouterSim Free RSM Apps
.RTD Robot Structural Analysis Design File Autodesk Free RTD Apps
.SAB ACIS SAB Model File Spatial Free SAB Apps
.SAT ACIS SAT 3D Model File Spatial Free SAT Apps
.SBP OpenSBP CNC Program File OpenSBP Group Free SBP Apps
.SCAD OpenSCAD Script OpenSCAD Free SCAD Apps
.SCDOC SpaceClaim Document SpaceClaim Corporation Free SCDOC Apps
.SCH gEDA Schematic File gEDA Free SCH Apps
.SCH EAGLE Schematics File Autodesk Free SCH Apps
.SCH KiCad Schematic File KiCad Free SCH Apps
.SCH ExpressSCH Schematics File ExpressPCB Free SCH Apps
.SDG Strater Project File Golden Software Free SDG Apps
.SEW Home Embroidery Format Not Available Free SEW Apps
.SHX AutoCAD Compiled Shape File Autodesk Free SHX Apps
.SKF AutoSketch Drawing Autodesk Free SKF Apps
.SLDASM SolidWorks Assembly File Dassault Systemes Free SLDASM Apps
.SLDDRW SolidWorks Drawing File Dassault Systemes Free SLDDRW Apps
.SLDPRT SolidWorks Part File Dassault Systemes Free SLDPRT Apps
.SMG SolidWorks Composer File Dassault Systemes Free SMG Apps
.SPT SpeedTree Tree Data File Interactive Data Visualization Free SPT Apps
.STL Stereolithography File Not Available Free STL Apps
.SVD SolidView Design File Solid Concepts Free SVD Apps
.SYM gEDA Symbol File gEDA Free SYM Apps
.SZA HiCAD Drawing File ISD Software Free SZA Apps
.T3001 TARGET 3001! Circuit Design Project File TARGET 3001! Free T3001 Apps
.TAK TAK 2000 Thermal Model File K and K Associates Free TAK Apps
.TBP Tekla BIMsight Project Tekla Free TBP Apps
.TC2 TurboCAD 2D Mac Drawing IMSI Free TC2 Apps
.TC3 TurboCAD 2D/3D Mac Drawing IMSI Free TC3 Apps
.TCD TurboCAD Mac Deluxe Drawing IMSI Free TCD Apps
.TCD Technobox CAD Drawing Technobox Free TCD Apps
.TCM TurboCAD Mac Drawing IMSI Free TCM Apps
.TCP TurboCAD Mac Pro Drawing IMSI Free TCP Apps
.TCT TurboCAD Drawing Template IMSI Design Free TCT Apps
.TCW TurboCAD Drawing File IMSI Design Free TCW Apps
.TCX TurboCAD 3D Model Text File IMSI Design Free TCX Apps
.TOP TopSolid Design Document Missler Software Free TOP Apps
.TOPPRJ TopSolid Project File Missler Software Free TOPPRJ Apps
.TOPVIW TopSolid'Viewer Document Missler Software Free TOPVIW Apps
.TSC TINA Design File DesignSoft Free TSC Apps
.TSF Strater Template File Golden Software Free TSF Apps
.ULD Unified Luminaire Data File DIAL Free ULD Apps
.UNT AutoCAD Unit Definition File Autodesk Free UNT Apps
.UPF Unified Power Format File IEEE Free UPF Apps
.VET Lectra Cutter's Must File Lectra Free VET Apps
.VND Type3 Design File Vision Numeric Free VND Apps
.VTF 3DESIGN CAD File Vision Numeric Free VTF Apps
.VWX Vectorworks Design File Nemetschek Free VWX Apps
.WDF Wintech Drawing File Wintech Engineering Free WDF Apps
.WDP AutoCAD Electrical Project File Autodesk Free WDP Apps
.X_B Parasolid Model Part File Siemens PLM Software Free X_B Apps
.X_T Parasolid Model Part File Siemens PLM Software Free X_T Apps
.XISE Xilinx ISE Project File Xilinx Free XISE Apps
.XNC Exchange NC File Ucamco KiCad and Pentalogix Free XNC Apps
.XV3 Lattice XVL Geometry File Lattice Technology Free XV3 Apps
Extension File Type Developer Free Apps