File Formtas Starts with Letter F

List of all File Formats begins with letter F from the JeDok file types database.

Extension File Type Developer Free Apps
.F Fortran Source Code Not Available Free F Apps
.F Freeze Compressed File Not Available Free F Apps
.F04 Nastran Execution Summary File MSC Software Free F04 Apps
.F06 Nastran Output File MSC Software Free F06 Apps
.F2K Fortran Source Code File Not Available Free F2K Apps
.F2R Farandole Linear Module File Not Available Free F2R Apps
.F32 Raw 32-Bit Audio File Not Available Free F32 Apps
.F3D Fusion 3D Design Autodesk 360 Free F3D Apps
.F3F Crazy Machines Font File Viva Media Free F3F Apps
.F3R Farandoyle Blocked Module File Not Available Free F3R Apps
.F3Z Fusion 360 Shared Project Archive Autodesk Free F3Z Apps
.F4A Adobe Flash Protected Audio File Adobe Free F4A Apps
.F4F Flash Video Fragment Adobe Free F4F Apps
.F4M Adobe Flash Media Manifest File Adobe Free F4M Apps
.F4P Adobe Flash Protected Media File Adobe Free F4P Apps
.F4V Flash MP4 Video File Adobe Free F4V Apps
.F64 Raw 64-Bit Audio File Not Available Free F64 Apps
.F90 Fortran 90 Source Code File Not Available Free F90 Apps
.F95 Fortran 95 Source Code File Not Available Free F95 Apps
.FA FASTA Formatted Sequence File Not Available Free FA Apps
.FAC FACE Image File Not Available Free FAC Apps
.FACE FACE Graphic File Not Available Free FACE Apps
.FACEFX FaceFX Actor File OC3 Entertainment Free FACEFX Apps
.FACEFX_INGAME FaceFX In-Game Actor File OC3 Entertainment Free FACEFX_INGAME Apps
.FADEIN Fade In Document GCC Productions Free FADEIN Apps
.FADEIN.TEMPLATE Fade In Template Kent Tessman Free FADEIN.TEMPLATE Apps
.FAL Bitmap Graphic Header Information Not Available Free FAL Apps
.FAMILYFILE Reunion Family File Leister Productions Free FAMILYFILE Apps
.FAN Finale Font Annotation File MakeMusic Free FAN Apps
.FAN Form•Z Animation File AutoDesSys Free FAN Apps
.FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Document Not Available Free FAQ Apps
.FAR The Sims Archive File Electronic Arts Free FAR Apps
.FAR FARO Zone File FARO Technologies Free FAR Apps
.FAR Farandole Composer Module Not Available Free FAR Apps
.FAS FASTA Sequence File Not Available Free FAS Apps
.FAS Compiled Fast-Load AutoLISP File Autodesk Free FAS Apps
.FAS QuickSilver Fast Save Lisp File BroadVision Free FAS Apps
.FASTA FASTA Sequence File Not Available Free FASTA Apps
.FAT Zinf Theme File The Zinf Team Free FAT Apps
.FAVORITEMETADATA Transmit Favorites Data File Panic Free FAVORITEMETADATA Apps
.FAX Fax Document Not Available Free FAX Apps
.FAX Now Contact Fax Template Now Software Free FAX Apps
.FB! FlashGet Incomplete Download File FlashGet Free FB! Apps
.FB2 FictionBook 2.0 File FictionBook Free FB2 Apps
.FB2K-COMPONENT Foobar2000 Component Install File Foobar2000 Free FB2K-COMPONENT Apps
.FBC Family Tree Maker for DOS Backup File Ancestry com Free FBC Apps
.FBF Free Backup Fix Backup File Promosoft Free FBF Apps
.FBK AutoCAD Civil 3D Field Book File Autodesk Free FBK Apps
.FBK Microsoft Dynamics NAV Backup File Microsoft Free FBK Apps
.FBK Family Tree Maker for Windows Backup File Ancestry com Free FBK Apps
.FBL iGO Map File Nav N Go Free FBL Apps
.FBL CADfix Command Level Log File TranscenData Free FBL Apps
.FBM Marine Vessel Model File Not Available Free FBM Apps
.FBM Fuzzy Bitmap Image Michael L Mauldin Free FBM Apps
.FBP wxFormBuilder Project wxFormBuilder Free FBP Apps
.FBP7 FinalBuilder 7 Project VSoft Technologies Free FBP7 Apps
.FBQ Trine 2 Data File Frozenbyte Free FBQ Apps
.FBR FlashBack Screen Recording Blueberry Free FBR Apps
.FBR Mercury Screen Recording HP Free FBR Apps
.FBRB Battlefield Bad Company 2 Data File Electronic Arts Free FBRB Apps
.FBS FastBid Sheet FastBid Sheet Free FBS Apps
.FBT ABBYY FineReader Document Options File ABBYY Free FBT Apps
.FBU FEBE Firefox Backup File FEBE Free FBU Apps
.FBW HP Recovery Manager Backup File Hewlett Packard Free FBW Apps
.FBX Autodesk FBX Interchange File Autodesk Free FBX Apps
.FBZ FlashBack Screen Recorder Movie Blueberry Free FBZ Apps
.FBZ7 Compressed FinalBuilder 7 Project VSoft Technologies Free FBZ7 Apps
.FC FirstClass Settings File OpenText Free FC Apps
.FC1 FCEUX Save State File Not Available Free FC1 Apps
.FC2 Poser Face Pose File Bondware Free FC2 Apps
.FC2MAP Far Cry 2 User Map Ubisoft Free FC2MAP Apps
.FCARCH Final Cut Pro Archive Apple Free FCARCH Apps
.FCC Forms Credential Collector File Netegrity Free FCC Apps
.FCD First Choice Database Not Available Free FCD Apps
.FCD FastCAD DOS Drawing Evolution Computing Free FCD Apps
.FCD Virtual CD Format Not Available Free FCD Apps
.FCDT FormsCentral Design Template Adobe Free FCDT Apps
.FCE ForeUI Custom Element File EaSynth Solution Free FCE Apps
.FCE Need for Speed Mesh File Electronic Arts Free FCE Apps
.FCF Final Draft Converter File Final Draft Free FCF Apps
.FCGI FastCGI File FastCGI Free FCGI Apps
.FCL ForeUI Custom Library File EaSynth Solution Free FCL Apps
.FCM fCraft World File fCraft Free FCM Apps
.FCP FontCreator Project High-Logic Free FCP Apps
.FCP Final Cut Project Apple Free FCP Apps
.FCP Phantasy Star Online 2 Female Cast File SEGA Free FCP Apps
.FCPBUNDLE Final Cut Pro Library Apple Free FCPBUNDLE Apps
.FCPEVENT Final Cut Pro Event File Apple Free FCPEVENT Apps
.FCPPROJECT Final Cut Pro Project File Apple Free FCPPROJECT Apps
.FCPROJECT Final Cut Pro X Project File Apple Free FCPROJECT Apps
.FCPXDEST Final Cut Pro Share Destination File Apple Free FCPXDEST Apps
.FCPXML Final Cut Pro XML File Apple Free FCPXML Apps
.FCS Flow Cytometry Standard File ISAC Free FCS Apps
.FCS First Choice Spreadsheet Not Available Free FCS Apps
.FCS FCEUX Save State File Not Available Free FCS Apps
.FCSTD FreeCAD Document FreeCAD Free FCSTD Apps
.FCSTD1 FreeCAD Backup Document FreeCAD Free FCSTD1 Apps
.FCT FolderClone Task List Salty Brine Software Free FCT Apps
.FCW FastCAD Windows Drawing Evolution Computing Free FCW Apps
.FCZ Compressed Poser Face Pose File Bondware Free FCZ Apps
.FD DataFlex Data File Data Access Free FD Apps
.FD LaTeX Font Definition File Not Available Free FD Apps
.FD2 PictureMate Borders File Epson Free FD2 Apps
.FDA Dawn of War Audio File Relic Entertainment Free FDA Apps
.FDB Portfolio Catalog Not Available Free FDB Apps
.FDB Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database File Microsoft Free FDB Apps
.FDB Firebird Database File Firebird Foundation Free FDB Apps
.FDB Art Explosion Catalog Nova Development Free FDB Apps
.FDC AutoCAD Field Catalog File Autodesk Free FDC Apps
.FDD FormDocs Document FormDocs Free FDD Apps
.FDD Parallels Desktop Floppy Disk Image File Parallels Free FDD Apps
.FDF Origin Fitting Function Definition File OriginLab Free FDF Apps
.FDF Acrobat Forms Data Format Adobe Free FDF Apps
.FDI Amiga Disk Image Not Available Free FDI Apps
.FDM Exchange Forms Designer Form Message Microsoft Free FDM Apps
.FDP FMOD Project File Firelight Technologies Free FDP Apps
.FDP MySafe Encrypted Data Not Available Free FDP Apps
.FDR Windows Error Report File Windows Free FDR Apps
.FDR Final Draft Document Final Draft Free FDR Apps
.FDS Final Draft Secure Copy Final Draft Free FDS Apps
.FDS FME Custom Format File Safe Software Free FDS Apps
.FDS Nintendo FDS ROM Not Available Free FDS Apps
.FDT FormDocs Template FormDocs Free FDT Apps
.FDT Impromptu Function Description Table File IBM Free FDT Apps
.FDT Final Draft 5-7 Template Final Draft Free FDT Apps
.FDT Lucene Field Data File Apache Free FDT Apps
.FDX Final Draft Document Final Draft Free FDX Apps
.FDX Food Data Exchange File Not Available Free FDX Apps
.FDXT Final Draft 8 Template Final Draft Free FDXT Apps
.FE_LAUNCH FCS Express Launch File De Novo Software Free FE_LAUNCH Apps
.FEA AFDKO Feature Definitions File Not Available Free FEA Apps
.FEATURE SharePoint Feature File Microsoft Free FEATURE Apps
.FEEDBACK Expression SketchFlow Feedback File Microsoft Free FEEDBACK Apps
.FES Fileless Occurrence Placeholder G and A M C Free FES Apps
.FETCHMIRROR Fetch Mirror Document Fetch Softworks Free FETCHMIRROR Apps
.FETCHSHORTCUTS Fetch Shortcut List FIle Fetch Softworks Free FETCHSHORTCUTS Apps
.FEV FMOD Audio Events File Firelight Technologies Free FEV Apps
.FEV FLAMES Environment Variable File Ternion Free FEV Apps
.FEY FCS Express Layout File De Novo Software Free FEY Apps
.FF Call of Duty 4 Fast File Activision Free FF Apps
.FFA Find Fast Status File Microsoft Free FFA Apps
.FFD SharePoint FFDDumper Log Microsoft Free FFD Apps
.FFD FATE Saved Game WildTangent Free FFD Apps
.FFD Flat File Descriptor Liaison Technologies Free FFD Apps
.FFD ffDiaporama Project File ffDiaporama Free FFD Apps
.FFF Hasselblad RAW Image Hasselblad Free FFF Apps
.FFF Gravis UltraSound Sound Bank Not Available Free FFF Apps
.FFF MAGGI Face File SOLution LABoratory Free FFF Apps
.FFIL Mac Font Suitcase Apple Free FFIL Apps
.FFINDEX FFmpegSource2 Media Index Not Available Free FFINDEX Apps
.FFL Fetion Emoticons Package China Mobile Free FFL Apps
.FFL Find Fast Document List Microsoft Free FFL Apps
.FFM FFmpeg Stream File FFmpeg Free FFM Apps
.FFO Adobe Photoshop File Information File Adobe Free FFO Apps
.FFO Find Fast Document Properties Cache Microsoft Free FFO Apps
.FFS FME Desktop Feature Store File Safe Software Free FFS Apps
.FFT Final Form Text File IBM Free FFT Apps
.FFT Adobe Audition Noise Print File Adobe Free FFT Apps
.FFU Full Flash Update Image File Microsoft Free FFU Apps
.FFWP FormsForWeb Packet Lucom Free FFWP Apps
.FFX After Effects Preset File Adobe Free FFX Apps
.FFX Microsoft Find Fast Index Microsoft Free FFX Apps
.FG FaceGen Project File Singular Inversions Free FG Apps
.FG3 FX Graph 3 File Efofex Software Free FG3 Apps
.FG5 Fujitsu Oasys Fujitsu Oasys Free FG5 Apps
.FGC Greeting Card Factory Card File Nova Development Free FGC Apps
.FGD Forge Game Data File Valve Free FGD Apps
.FGL Fifth Generation Language Source File Fifth Generation Systems Free FGL Apps
.FGS Fig Figure Settings File Not Available Free FGS Apps
.FH Symantec Backup Exec File Symantec Free FH Apps
.FH10 FreeHand 10 Drawing File Adobe Free FH10 Apps
.FH11 FreeHand 11 Drawing File Adobe Free FH11 Apps
.FH3 FreeHand 3 Drawing File Adobe Free FH3 Apps
.FH4 FreeHand 4 Drawing File Adobe Free FH4 Apps
.FH5 FreeHand 5 Drawing File Adobe Free FH5 Apps
.FH6 FreeHand 6 Drawing File Adobe Free FH6 Apps
.FH7 FreeHand 7 Drawing File Adobe Free FH7 Apps
.FH8 FreeHand 8 Drawing File Adobe Free FH8 Apps
.FH9 FreeHand 9 Drawing File Adobe Free FH9 Apps
.FHC FHC Data File Canute Free FHC Apps
.FHD FreeHand Drawing File Adobe Free FHD Apps
.FHF Free Hide Folder Backup File Cleanersoft Software Free FHF Apps
.FIC WinDev Hyper File Database PC SOFT Free FIC Apps
.FID File Expander Engine Descriptions Database Forensic Innovations Free FID Apps
.FID Microsoft Catalog Indexing Service File Microsoft Free FID Apps
.FIF Fractal Image File Interwoven Systems Free FIF Apps
.FIG MATLAB Figure File The MathWorks Free FIG Apps
.FIG Xfig Drawing Xfig Free FIG Apps
.FIG 3ds Max Figure File Autodesk Free FIG Apps
.FIL Symbian Application Logo File Symbian Free FIL Apps
.FIL Files List Object File dataBased Intelligence Free FIL Apps
.FILA Aleph One Replay File Bungie Studios Free FILA Apps
.FILE Generic Windows File Not Available Free FILE Apps
.FILEBOLT Filebolt Encrypted File Envault Free FILEBOLT Apps
.FILM Filmkey Player Media File Filmkey Free FILM Apps
.FILM_CPK Sega FILM Multimedia File Sega Games Free FILM_CPK Apps
.FILTERS Visual C++ Project Filters File Microsoft Free FILTERS Apps
.FIMPP FiM++ Source Code File Not Available Free FIMPP Apps
.FINGNET Overlook Fing Saved Network File Overlook Free FINGNET Apps
.FIRM Boot9Strap 3DS Firmware File Not Available Free FIRM Apps
.FIT Garmin Activity File Garmin Free FIT Apps
.FITS Flexible Image Transport System File Not Available Free FITS Apps
.FKB Flipkart eBook File FlipKart com Free FKB Apps
.FKY FoxPro Macro Microsoft Free FKY Apps
.FL Freelancer Saved Game File Microsoft Free FL Apps
.FL1 Lenovo BIOS Update File Not Available Free FL1 Apps
.FL3 Flash 3D File Adobe Free FL3 Apps
.FLA Adobe Animate Animation Adobe Free FLA Apps
.FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec File Xiph Org Foundation Free FLAC Apps
.FLAM3 Fractal Flames File Not Available Free FLAM3 Apps
.FLAME Fractal Flames File Not Available Free FLAME Apps
.FLASH Frictional Games Flashback File Frictional Games Free FLASH Apps
.FLATPAK Linux Flatpak Application Bundle Not Available Free FLATPAK Apps
.FLATPAKREF Linux Flatpak Application Package Not Available Free FLATPAKREF Apps
.FLB FileMaker Pro Label File FileMaker Free FLB Apps
.FLC FLIC Animation Autodesk Free FLC Apps
.FLEXOLIBRARY Final Cut Pro Library Database Apple Free FLEXOLIBRARY Apps
.FLF Microsoft Dynamics NAV License File Microsoft Free FLF Apps
.FLG HP System Recovery Flags File HP Free FLG Apps
.FLG Puppy Linux Partition Flag File Puppy Linux Free FLG Apps
.FLG IsoPuzzle Flag File The IsoPuzzle Team Free FLG Apps
.FLH FLIC Animation File Not Available Free FLH Apps
.FLI FLIC Animation Autodesk Free FLI Apps
.FLIC FLIC Animation Autodesk Free FLIC Apps
.FLIF Free Lossless Image Format File Not Available Free FLIF Apps
.FLIPANIM FlipAnim Project Poklik Free FLIPANIM Apps
.FLIPCHART ActivInspire Flipchart File Promethean Free FLIPCHART Apps
.FLK AccountEdge Company Lock File Acclivity Group Free FLK Apps
.FLK Folder Lock File NewSoftwares Free FLK Apps
.FLKA Folder Lock Portable Locker File NewSoftwares Free FLKA Apps
.FLKB Folder Lock Basic Locker File NewSoftwares Free FLKB Apps
.FLL FoxPro Dynamic-Link Library Microsoft Free FLL Apps
.FLM Adobe Scout Session Adobe Free FLM Apps
.FLM FL Studio Mobile Song File Image-Line Free FLM Apps
.FLO iGrafx FlowCharter File iGrafx Free FLO Apps
.FLO Automate Flowchart File LlamaLab Free FLO Apps
.FLO RFFlow Flowchart File RFF Electronics Free FLO Apps
.FLOW Expression SketchFlow Data File Microsoft Free FLOW Apps
.FLOWCHART PureFlow Flowchart Aleksandr Kozlov Free FLOWCHART Apps
.FLOWMAPLIBRARY Painter Flowmap Library Corel Free FLOWMAPLIBRARY Apps
.FLP FL Studio Project Image-Line Free FLP Apps
.FLP Floppy Disk Image Not Available Free FLP Apps
.FLP FlipAnim Project Poklik Free FLP Apps
.FLP Flash Project Adobe Free FLP Apps
.FLP ActivPrimary Flipchart File Promethean Free FLP Apps
.FLR Flare Decompiled ActionScript File Flare Free FLR Apps
.FLS Flash Lite Sound Bundle Adobe Free FLS Apps
.FLS ArcView GIS Windows Help Supporting File ESRI Free FLS Apps
.FLST Adobe InDesign Flattener Presets File Adobe Free FLST Apps
.FLT Flight Simulator Saved Flight Microsoft Free FLT Apps
.FLT Adobe Audition Filter Adobe Free FLT Apps
.FLT Image Filter Not Available Free FLT Apps
.FLT Vue Filters File E-on Software Free FLT Apps
.FLT OpenFlight Scene Description File Presagis Free FLT Apps
.FLV Flash Video File Adobe Free FLV Apps
.FLW Fusion Flow File Blackmagic Design Free FLW Apps
.FLW Kivio Flow Chart theKompany Free FLW Apps
.FLWA Folder Lock Wallet File NewSoftwares Free FLWA Apps
.FLX FLIC Animation Not Available Free FLX Apps
.FLX FelixCAD Drawing Graebert Free FLX Apps
.FLY mod_fly / fly.cgi mod fly Free FLY Apps
.FM FileMaker Database FileMaker Free FM Apps
.FM FrameMaker Document Adobe Free FM Apps
.FM2 FCEUX 2 Movie Capture File Not Available Free FM2 Apps
.FM3 Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Format File IBM Free FM3 Apps
.FM5 FileMaker 5 Database FileMaker Free FM5 Apps
.FMAT FMAT Runfile Applied Biosystems Free FMAT Apps
.FMC FormConnect Form File FormConnections Free FMC Apps
.FME FME Mapping File Safe Software Free FME Apps
.FMELIC FME License File Safe Software Free FMELIC Apps
.FMI FME Include File Safe Software Free FMI Apps
.FML WWE RAW Character File THQ Free FML Apps
.FMOD Adobe Illustrator Flattening Module Adobe Free FMOD Apps
.FMP AutoCAD Font Map File Autodesk Free FMP Apps
.FMP FileMaker Pro Database FileMaker Free FMP Apps
.FMP 123 Flash Menu Project Dreamingsoft Free FMP Apps
.FMP12 FileMaker Pro 12 Database FileMaker Free FMP12 Apps
.FMPLUGIN FileMaker Plug-in FileMaker Free FMPLUGIN Apps
.FMPSL FileMaker Pro 12 Snapshot Link FileMaker Free FMPSL Apps
.FMT FoxPro Format File Microsoft Free FMT Apps
.FMT WinRAR Format File WinRAR Free FMT Apps
.FMV Frame Vector Metafile Not Available Free FMV Apps
.FMV FME Desktop Viewspace File Safe Software Free FMV Apps
.FMW FME Workbench File Safe Software Free FMW Apps
.FMX FileMaker Plug-in FileMaker Free FMX Apps
.FMZ Form•Z Project File AutoDesSys Free FMZ Apps
.FNBK Food Network Recipe Manager Data File Nova Development Free FNBK Apps
.FNC Frogans Player Network Certificate STG Interactive Free FNC Apps
.FNC QuickCAM 3D CNC File Denford Free FNC Apps
.FNC Vue Functions File E-on Software Free FNC Apps
.FND Windows Saved Search Microsoft Free FND Apps
.FNLF Scarlett Plug-in Suite License File Focusrite Free FNLF Apps
.FNM Fannie Mae 1003 Data File Fannie Mae Free FNM Apps
.FNRECIPES Food Network Recipe File Nova Development Free FNRECIPES Apps
.FNT Windows Font File Microsoft Free FNT Apps
.FNTA Aleph One Font File Bungie Studios Free FNTA Apps
.FO XSL-FO Form Not Available Free FO Apps
.FOB Dynamics NAV Object Container File Microsoft Free FOB Apps
.FODP OpenDocument Flat XML Presentation Oracle Free FODP Apps
.FODS OpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet Oracle Free FODS Apps
.FODT OpenDocument Flat XML Document Oracle Free FODT Apps
.FOL PFS First Choice Database File SoftKey Free FOL Apps
.FOLIO Adobe Folio File Adobe Free FOLIO Apps
.FOLX Folx Download File Eltima Software Free FOLX Apps
.FOMOD Fallout Mod Archive Not Available Free FOMOD Apps
.FON Generic Font File Not Available Free FON Apps
.FOP InfoZoom Protected Data File humanIT Free FOP Apps
.FOR Fortran 77 Source File Not Available Free FOR Apps
.FORGE Assassin's Creed Game Data File Ubisoft Free FORGE Apps
.FORM PreForm Job File Formlabs Free FORM Apps
.FORM NetBeans Java GUI Designer Form Oracle Free FORM Apps
.FORTH Forth Language File Not Available Free FORTH Apps
.FOS Fallout 3 Saved Game Bethesda Softworks Free FOS Apps
.FOT Font Resource File Not Available Free FOT Apps
.FOTA Firmware Over-the-Air File Google Free FOTA Apps
.FOUNTAIN Fountain Script File Not Available Free FOUNTAIN Apps
.FOX Furcadia Art File Furcadia Free FOX Apps
.FOX InfoZoom Data File humanIT Free FOX Apps
.FP Fragment Program File OpenGL Free FP Apps
.FP FinePrint File FinePrint Software Free FP Apps
.FP FileMaker Pro Spreadsheet Not Available Free FP Apps
.FP3 FileMaker Pro 3 Database FileMaker Free FP3 Apps
.FP3 FastReport Prepared Report File Fast Reports Free FP3 Apps
.FP3 FloorPlan 3D Design File IMSI Design Free FP3 Apps
.FP4 FileMaker Pro 4 Database FileMaker Free FP4 Apps
.FP5 FileMaker Pro 5 Database FileMaker Free FP5 Apps
.FP7 FileMaker Pro 7+ Database FileMaker Free FP7 Apps
.FP8 FP8 (= Fast PAQ8) Compressed File Matt Mahoney Free FP8 Apps
.FPA Front Panel Encrypted Order File Not Available Free FPA Apps
.FPA Finale Performance Assessment File MakeMusic Free FPA Apps
.FPBF Mac OS X Burn Folder Apple Free FPBF Apps
.FPD Front Panel Designer Project Front Panel Express Free FPD Apps
.FPDX Utilius Fairplay Project ccc software gmbh Free FPDX Apps
.FPE FPS Creator Entity File The Game Creators Free FPE Apps
.FPE Free PDF Editor Document FreePDFEditor net Free FPE Apps
.FPENC FileProtect Encrypted File FileProtect Free FPENC Apps
.FPF IKEA Home Planner File IKEA Free FPF Apps
.FPFV File Protected From Virus Intermedia Free FPFV Apps
.FPG FPS Creator Game Project File The Game Creators Free FPG Apps
.FPG Fenix Graphics Collection File Not Available Free FPG Apps
.FPI Foxit Reader Plugin Foxit Free FPI Apps
.FPI FPS Creator Intelligence Script The Game Creators Free FPI Apps
.FPID FPS Creator AI Wizard Data File The Game Creators Free FPID Apps
.FPJ CryENGINE Facial Editor Project File Crytek Free FPJ Apps
.FPK JetForm FormFlow File Adobe Free FPK Apps
.FPK Civilization 4 Data File 2K Games Free FPK Apps
.FPL Foobar2000 Playlist File Foobar2000 Free FPL Apps
.FPM FPS Creator Map File The Game Creators Free FPM Apps
.FPMB FPS Creator Mab Buffer File The Game Creators Free FPMB Apps
.FPMO FPS Creator Map Overlay File The Game Creators Free FPMO Apps
.FPOP Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Saved Game Activision Free FPOP Apps
.FPOS Photo Pos Pro Image Power Of Software Free FPOS Apps
.FPP Fortran Source Code Not Available Free FPP Apps
.FPP FPS Creator Prefab File The Game Creators Free FPP Apps
.FPP Front Panel Project Front Panel Express Free FPP Apps
.FPP Flow Chart Visual Programming Language Project File Emu8086 Free FPP Apps
.FPPX Microsoft Fresh Paint Painting File Microsoft Free FPPX Apps
.FPR Audit Workbench Project HP Free FPR Apps
.FPR Humanize Preset File Image-Line Free FPR Apps
.FPS FPS Creator Segment File The Game Creators Free FPS Apps
.FPSL FileMaker Pro Snapshot Link FileMaker Free FPSL Apps
.FPSX Nokia Firmware Format File Nokia Free FPSX Apps
.FPT FoxPro Table Memo Not Available Free FPT Apps
.FPT FileMaker Pro Database Memo File FileMaker Free FPT Apps
.FPT Alpha Five Table Memo File Alpha Software Free FPT Apps
.FPX FlashPix Bitmap Image File Kodak Free FPX Apps
.FQC FAQ Creator File CaosG Free FQC Apps
.FR3 FastReport Form File Fast Reports Free FR3 Apps
.FRAMES xScope Frames File The Iconfactory Free FRAMES Apps
.FRAMESET Frame Painter for LGS Frame Set File JƥSoftcode Free FRAMESET Apps
.FRAMEWORK Mac OS X Application Framework Apple Free FRAMEWORK Apps
.FRC Mandelbrot Explorer Color Settings File J R Oakley Free FRC Apps
.FRC FS Recorder File Matthias Neusinger Free FRC Apps
.FRD Frequency Response Data File Not Available Free FRD Apps
.FRDOC FineReader Document ABBYY Free FRDOC Apps
.FREECELLSAVE-MS Microsoft FreeCell Saved Game Microsoft Free FREECELLSAVE-MS Apps
.FREEWAY Freeway Document Softpress Free FREEWAY Apps
.FRF Free Report Form File Fast Reports Free FRF Apps
.FRG Sound Forge Pro Project File MAGIX Free FRG Apps
.FRJ FreeForm-J Project File FreeForm-J Free FRJ Apps
.FRK Macintosh Resource or Data Fork Not Available Free FRK Apps
.FRL Electronic Form Loader File Not Available Free FRL Apps
.FRM AccountEdge Form Acclivity Group Free FRM Apps
.FRM Painter Frame Stack File Corel Free FRM Apps
.FRM MySQL Database Format File MySQL Free FRM Apps
.FRM Fallout Graphics File Bethesda Softworks Free FRM Apps
.FRM Visual Basic Text Form Microsoft Free FRM Apps
.FRM Form File Not Available Free FRM Apps
.FRM ADL Form ADL Software Free FRM Apps
.FRO dBASE IV Compiled Report Not Available Free FRO Apps
.FRR Mandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region Settings File J R Oakley Free FRR Apps
.FRS Flash Renamer Script RL Vision Free FRS Apps
.FRT FoxPro Report Memo Not Available Free FRT Apps
.FRW RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Fireworks Effects File Atari Free FRW Apps
.FRX FoxPro Report Microsoft Free FRX Apps
.FRX Visual Basic Binary Form File Microsoft Free FRX Apps
.FRY fryrender Scene File RandomControl Free FRY Apps
.FRZ Locked FormFlow File Not Available Free FRZ Apps
.FRZ Snes9x Saved State The Snes9x Team Free FRZ Apps
.FS FlexiSIGN Document SA International Free FS Apps
.FS Mac OS X File System Plug-in Apple Free FS Apps
.FS Visual F# Source File Microsoft Free FS Apps
.FS2 FreeSpace 2 Saved Mission File Interplay Free FS2 Apps
.FSA Fragment Analysis Data File Applied Biosystems Free FSA Apps
.FSB FMOD Sample Bank File Firelight Technologies Free FSB Apps
.FSB Form•Z Compiled Script AutoDesSys Free FSB Apps
.FSC FL Studio Score File Image-Line Free FSC Apps
.FSC Practical Scriptwriter File Practical Software Design Free FSC Apps
.FSD Flowsheet Document AmsterCHEM Free FSD Apps
.FSG FreeCol Saved Game File The FreeCol Team Free FSG Apps
.FSH Fragment Shader File OpenGL Free FSH Apps
.FSI Visual F# Signature File Microsoft Free FSI Apps
.FSIF MyLabel Designer Deluxe Data File Avanquest Free FSIF Apps
.FSL Form•Z Script AutoDesSys Free FSL Apps
.FSM FreeSpace Mission File Interplay Free FSM Apps
.FSM Splitty Master Split File Basta Computing Free FSM Apps
.FSM Farandole Composer WaveSample File Not Available Free FSM Apps
.FSPROJ Visual F# Project File Microsoft Free FSPROJ Apps
.FSPROJ FireStarter Project File Chillisoft Solutions Free FSPROJ Apps
.FSPY fSpy Project Stuffmatic Free FSPY Apps
.FSQ CryENGINE Facial Editor Sequence File Crytek Free FSQ Apps
.FSS Splitty Data Split File Basta Computing Free FSS Apps
.FSSAVE Flight Simulator Save File Microsoft Free FSSAVE Apps
.FSSCRIPT Visual F# Script Microsoft Free FSSCRIPT Apps
.FST FL Studio State File Image-Line Free FST Apps
.FST Crazy Machines 2 Object File Viva Media Free FST Apps
.FSTAB File Systems Table File Not Available Free FSTAB Apps
.FSX Visual F# Script File Microsoft Free FSX Apps
.FT Edgecam Feature Template Planit Software Free FT Apps
.FT10 FreeHand 10 Drawing Template Adobe Free FT10 Apps
.FT11 FreeHand 11 Drawing Template Adobe Free FT11 Apps
.FT7 FreeHand 7 Drawing Template Adobe Free FT7 Apps
.FT8 FreeHand 8 Template Adobe Free FT8 Apps
.FT9 FreeHand 9 Drawing Template Adobe Free FT9 Apps
.FTC Dream League Soccer Asset File First Touch Games Free FTC Apps
.FTC FluxTime Clip File FluxTime Free FTC Apps
.FTF FlashTool Firmware File Sony Free FTF Apps
.FTG Full Text Group Microsoft Free FTG Apps
.FTH FileMaker Theme File FileMaker Free FTH Apps
.FTH Foobar2000 Theme File Foobar2000 Free FTH Apps
.FTI FamiTracker Instrument File jsr Free FTI Apps
.FTIL e-Hastakshar Contract Note FTIL Free FTIL Apps
.FTL FreeMarker Template File The FreeMarker Project Free FTL Apps
.FTL Faster Than Light Mod File Grognak's Mod Manager Free FTL Apps
.FTL Family Tree Legends File Pearl Street Software Free FTL Apps
.FTM Family Tree Maker for DOS File Ancestry com Free FTM Apps
.FTM Finale Template File MakeMusic Free FTM Apps
.FTM FamiTracker Module Not Available Free FTM Apps
.FTMB Family Tree Maker Backup File Ancestry com Free FTMB Apps
.FTMX Finale Template File MakeMusic Free FTMX Apps
.FTN Fortran Source Code File Not Available Free FTN Apps
.FTN Flowton Diagram File Flowton Free FTN Apps
.FTP FlashFXP XML File OpenSight Software Free FTP Apps
.FTPLOC FTP Location Not Available Free FTPLOC Apps
.FTPQUOTA Ftpquota File ProFTPD Free FTPQUOTA Apps
.FTS Full Text Search Not Available Free FTS Apps
.FTW Family Tree Maker File Ancestry com Free FTW Apps
.FUK Postal 2 Map File Running With Scissors Free FUK Apps
.FUL Microsoft Backup File List Microsoft Free FUL Apps
.FUN Cubify Invention File Cubify Free FUN Apps
.FUSE Adobe Fuse 3D Model Adobe Free FUSE Apps
.FUZ Bethesda Softworks Voice File Bethesda Softworks Free FUZ Apps
.FVP File Viewer Plus Batch Presets File Sharpened Productions Free FVP Apps
.FVT FAST Search & Transfer Video File AST Search and Transfer ASA Free FVT Apps
.FW Firmware Update File Not Available Free FW Apps
.FWACTION Freeway Action File Softpress Free FWACTION Apps
.FWACTIONB Freeway Action Bundle File Softpress Free FWACTIONB Apps
.FWBACKUP Freeway Backup Softpress Free FWBACKUP Apps
.FWD RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Fireworks Display File Atari Free FWD Apps
.FWDICT Freeway User Dictionary File Softpress Free FWDICT Apps
.FWDN fWriter Document MSS Software and Services Free FWDN Apps
.FWP Microsoft Expression Web Package Microsoft Free FWP Apps
.FWT FacetWin Configuration File Facet Corp Free FWT Apps
.FWTB Freeway Template Bundle Softpress Free FWTB Apps
.FWTEMPLATE Freeway Template Softpress Free FWTEMPLATE Apps
.FWTEMPLATEB Freeway Template Bundle Softpress Free FWTEMPLATEB Apps
.FX Direct3D Effects File Microsoft Free FX Apps
.FX ReadyBoot Trace File Microsoft Free FX Apps
.FXA OC3 Entertainment FaceFX Actor File O3 Entertainment Free FXA Apps
.FXB FX Bank File Steinberg Free FXB Apps
.FXC FilePackager Configuration DIMDATA Free FXC Apps
.FXCPROJ FX Composer Project File NVIDIA Free FXCPROJ Apps
.FXF BigFix Action File IBM Free FXF Apps
.FXG FX Graph File Efofex Software Free FXG Apps
.FXG Flash XML Graphics File Adobe Free FXG Apps
.FXL CryENGINE Facial Expression Library Crytek Free FXL Apps
.FXL FaceFX Language File OC3 Entertainment Free FXL Apps
.FXM messiahStudio Motion File pmG Free FXM Apps
.FXM WinFax Document Symantec Free FXM Apps
.FXML FXML Source Code File Oracle Free FXML Apps
.FXP Adobe Flex Project File Adobe Free FXP Apps
.FXP FoxPro Compiled Program Microsoft Free FXP Apps
.FXP FX Preset File Steinberg Media Technologies Free FXP Apps
.FXPL Adobe Flash FXP Library Adobe Free FXPL Apps
.FXS messiahStudio Scene File pmG Free FXS Apps
.FXT Grand Theft Auto Fake Text File Not Available Free FXT Apps
.FXT Finale Plug-in MakeMusic Free FXT Apps
.FXT FaceFX Actor Template File OC3 Entertainment Free FXT Apps
.FZ Fritzing Project File Fritzing Free FZ Apps
.FZA Form•Z Autosave File AutoDesSys Free FZA Apps
.FZB Casio FZ-1 Bank Dump Not Available Free FZB Apps
.FZB Fritzing Bin File Fritzing Free FZB Apps
.FZB Form•Z Project Backup File AutoDesSys Free FZB Apps
.FZBZ Fritzing Bundled Bin File Fritzing Free FZBZ Apps
.FZF Casio FZ-1 Full Dump Not Available Free FZF Apps
.FZIP Foxit Reader Add-on Foxit Free FZIP Apps
.FZM Fritzing Module File Fritzing Free FZM Apps
.FZP Fritzing Part File Fritzing Free FZP Apps
.FZP Form•Z Plug-in AutoDesSys Free FZP Apps
.FZPZ Fritzing Bundled Part File Fritzing Free FZPZ Apps
.FZS FuzzySheet FuzzySheet Free FZS Apps
.FZV Casio FZ-1 Voice Dump Not Available Free FZV Apps
.FZZ Fritzing Shareable Project File Fritzing Free FZZ Apps
Extension File Type Developer Free Apps

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