File Formtas Starts with Letter G

List of all File Formats begins with letter G from the JeDok file types database.

Extension File Type Developer Free Apps
.G BRL-CAD Geometry File BRL-CAD Free G Apps
.G1A Casio Graphing Calculator Add-in File Casio Free G1A Apps
.G1M Casio Graphing Calculator Memory File Casio Free G1M Apps
.G2M GoToMeeting Recording File Citrix Systems Free G2M Apps
.G2W GeoplanW GeoplanW Free G2W Apps
.G3 CCITT Group 3 Fax Image CCITT Free G3 Apps
.G3A Casio Prizm Add-in File Casio Free G3A Apps
.G3D GOM 3D File GOM Free G3D Apps
.G3M Casio fx-CG Prizm Memory File Casio Free G3M Apps
.G3W GeospacW GeospacW Free G3W Apps
.G3X RealFlight Content File Knife Edge Software Free G3X Apps
.G41 Commodore 1541 Disk Image Not Available Free G41 Apps
.G64 Genetec Video File Genetec Free G64 Apps
.G64X Genetec Video File Genetec Free G64X Apps
.G721 G.721 Audio File Not Available Free G721 Apps
.G723 G.723 Audio File Not Available Free G723 Apps
.G726 G.726 Audio File Not Available Free G726 Apps
.GA3 Graphical Analysis 3 Document Vernier Free GA3 Apps
.GAC Groove - Account Groove Free GAC Apps
.GADGEPRJ Gadge It Project Ashampoo Free GADGEPRJ Apps
.GADGET Windows Gadget Microsoft Free GADGET Apps
.GAL GenePix Array List File Molecular Devices Free GAL Apps
.GALAXY Blizzard Galaxy File Blizzard Entertainment Free GALAXY Apps
.GALLERY SMART Notebook Gallery File SMART Technologies Free GALLERY Apps
.GALLERYCOLLECTION SMART Notebook Gallery Collection File SMART Technologies Free GALLERYCOLLECTION Apps
.GALLERYITEM SMART Notebook Gallery Item File SMART Technologies Free GALLERYITEM Apps
.GAM Saved Game File Not Available Free GAM Apps
.GAME GameSalad Exported Game File GameSalad Free GAME Apps
.GAME Apple Chess Saved Game Apple Free GAME Apps
.GAMEDATA Sandlot Game Data File Sandlot Games Free GAMEDATA Apps
.GAMEPROJ GameSalad Project File GameSalad Free GAMEPROJ Apps
.GAN GanttProject Project File GanttProject Free GAN Apps
.GAR GridGain Archive GridGain Systems Free GAR Apps
.GAR Farming Simulator Game Archive File GIANTS Software Free GAR Apps
.GAR Ghidra Project Archive National Security Agency Free GAR Apps
.GAU Flight Simulator Gauge File Microsoft Free GAU Apps
.GB GenBank Data File NCBI Free GB Apps
.GB Game Boy ROM File Not Available Free GB Apps
.GB1 Game Maker Backup File YoYo Games Free GB1 Apps
.GB2 Game Maker Backup File YoYo Games Free GB2 Apps
.GBA Game Boy Advance ROM Not Available Free GBA Apps
.GBAP GLBasic Project File Dream Design Entertainment Free GBAP Apps
.GBAS GLBasic Source File Dream Design Entertainment Free GBAS Apps
.GBASKIN Game Boy Advance Controller Skin File Not Available Free GBASKIN Apps
.GBC Game Boy Color ROM Not Available Free GBC Apps
.GBCSKIN Game Boy Color Controller Skin File Not Available Free GBCSKIN Apps
.GBI gBurner Project File gBurner Systems Free GBI Apps
.GBK GenBank Data File NCBI Free GBK Apps
.GBL Gerber Bottom Layer Data File Ucamco Free GBL Apps
.GBLORB Glulx Blorb Game File Not Available Free GBLORB Apps
.GBM Gameboy Map File Harry Mulder Free GBM Apps
.GBO Gerber Bottom Overlay Data File Ucamco Free GBO Apps
.GBP Gerber Bottom Solder Paste Data File Ucamco Free GBP Apps
.GBP Genie Timeline Backup Index File Genie-Soft Free GBP Apps
.GBPROJ GarageBand Project Apple Free GBPROJ Apps
.GBR Gameboy Tileset File Harry Mulder Free GBR Apps
.GBR GIMP Brush File GIMP Free GBR Apps
.GBR Gerber File Ucamco Free GBR Apps
.GBS Gerber Bottom Solder Mask Data File Ucamco Free GBS Apps
.GBS Generic Build Support Metadata File Randy Marques Consultancy Free GBS Apps
.GBS GameBoy Sound File Not Available Free GBS Apps
.GBX Nadeo Game File Nadeo Free GBX Apps
.GBX Gerber PCB File Not Available Free GBX Apps
.GC Galactic Conquest Saved Game Pandemic Studios Free GC Apps
.GC GraphClick File Arizona Free GC Apps
.GCA GCA File Archive Not Available Free GCA Apps
.GCD Fallout 2 Character Profile File Bethesda Softworks Free GCD Apps
.GCD Generic CADD Drawing File General CADD Products Free GCD Apps
.GCD Prassi CD Image Prassi Free GCD Apps
.GCDP Greeting Card Studio Design Project Software Depot Online Free GCDP Apps
.GCF Game Cache File Valve Free GCF Apps
.GCG GCG DNA Sequence File Not Available Free GCG Apps
.GCH Precompiled Header File The GNU Project Free GCH Apps
.GCI GameCube Save File Nintendo Free GCI Apps
.GCM GameCube ROM Nintendo Free GCM Apps
.GCODE G-Code 3D Printer File Not Available Free GCODE Apps
.GCPROJ Genome Compiler Project Genome Compiler Free GCPROJ Apps
.GCS GameCube SharkSave File GameShark Free GCS Apps
.GCS Cineform Studio Video Project GoPro Free GCS Apps
.GCSX Microsoft Office SmartArt Color File Microsoft Free GCSX Apps
.GCT Ocarina Cheat Code Manager File Ocarina Cheat Code Manager Free GCT Apps
.GCW Microsoft Mathematics Worksheet Microsoft Free GCW Apps
.GCX Grapher Graph File Apple Free GCX Apps
.GCZ Compressed GameCube/Wii ROM Not Available Free GCZ Apps
.GD Godot Engine Script Godot Free GD Apps
.GD3 GreatFamily Genealogy Data File GreatProgs Free GD3 Apps
.GDB InterBase Database File Borland Free GDB Apps
.GDB GPS Database File Garmin Free GDB Apps
.GDBTABLE Geodatabase Table File Not Available Free GDBTABLE Apps
.GDC Godot Engine Compiled Script Godot Free GDC Apps
.GDCB GandCrab Ransomware Encrypted File Not Available Free GDCB Apps
.GDE The Guide Document Mahadevan R Free GDE Apps
.GDF GUESS Graph Data Format File GUESS Free GDF Apps
.GDG GDevelop Project File Florian Rival Free GDG Apps
.GDG.AUTOSAVE GDevelop Project Autosave File Florian Rival Free GDG.AUTOSAVE Apps
.GDI Dreamcast Gigabyte Disc Image Not Available Free GDI Apps
.GDIAGRAMSTYLE OmniGraffle Diagram Style File The Omni Groupg Free GDIAGRAMSTYLE Apps
.GDL Geometric Description Language (GDL) Geometric Description Free GDL Apps
.GDOC Google Drive Document Link File Google Free GDOC Apps
.GDOCX Google Drive Document Google Free GDOCX Apps
.GDR Symbian OS Font File Not Available Free GDR Apps
.GDRAW Google Drive Drawing Google Free GDRAW Apps
.GDRIVE Gizmo Virtual Drive File Arainia Solutions Free GDRIVE Apps
.GDS Graphic Data System File Cadence Design Systems Free GDS Apps
.GDT gretl Datafile Not Available Free GDT Apps
.GDTB gretl Binary Datafile Not Available Free GDTB Apps
.GDW Jaws Unleashed Data File Majesco Entertainment Free GDW Apps
.GED GEDCOM Genealogy Data File The LDS Church Free GED Apps
.GED Game Editor Project File Game Editor Free GED Apps
.GEDATA Qlucore Data File Qlucore Free GEDATA Apps
.GEDCOM GEDCOM Genealogy File Not Available Free GEDCOM Apps
.GEM RubyGems Package Ruby Free GEM Apps
.GEM GEM Metafile GEM Free GEM Apps
.GEM Ventura Publisher Document Corel Free GEM Apps
.GEMSPEC Gem Specification File RubyGems Free GEMSPEC Apps
.GEN ArcView ARC/INFO UnGenerate file ESRI Free GEN Apps
.GEN Sega Genesis ROM Not Available Free GEN Apps
.GENBANK GenBank Data File National Center for Biotechnology Information Free GENBANK Apps
.GENERICTEST Visual Studio Generic Test File Microsoft Free GENERICTEST Apps
.GENOME Cell Lab Design File Petter Säterskog Free GENOME Apps
.GEO VRML Geography File Not Available Free GEO Apps
.GEO TruTops Geometry File TRUMPF Free GEO Apps
.GEX GeoMetry Explorer GeoMetry Explorer Free GEX Apps
.GEXF Graph Exchange XML Format File GEXF Working Group Free GEXF Apps
.GF METAFONT Bitmap File Not Available Free GF Apps
.GFAR Greenfoot Archive University of Kent Free GFAR Apps
.GFB GIFBlast Compressed Image File GIFBlast Free GFB Apps
.GFE Glarysoft Encrypted File Glarysoft Free GFE Apps
.GFI GIFI File Not Available Free GFI Apps
.GFIE Greenfish Icon Editor Pro Graphic Greenfish Software Free GFIE Apps
.GFORM Google Drive Form Google Free GFORM Apps
.GFP GreenForce-Player Protected Media File GreenForce-Player Free GFP Apps
.GFS Glarysoft Split File Glarysoft Free GFS Apps
.GFW GIF World File Not Available Free GFW Apps
.GFX GFx Scaleform File Autodesk Free GFX Apps
.GG Google Desktop Gadget File Google Free GG Apps
.GG Sega Game Gear ROM Not Available Free GG Apps
.GGB GeoGebra Document GeoGebra Free GGB Apps
.GGPACK Thimbleweed Park Resource Archive Terrible Toybox Free GGPACK Apps
.GGR GIMP Gradient File GIMP Free GGR Apps
.GGT GeoGebra GeoGebra Free GGT Apps
.GHB Lego Ghost Path File High Voltage Software Free GHB Apps
.GHF Groove - Help Groove Free GHF Apps
.GHO Norton Ghost Backup File Symantec Free GHO Apps
.GHS Norton Ghost Image Segment Symantec Free GHS Apps
.GI Global Image Not Available Free GI Apps
.GID Windows Help Global Index File Microsoft Free GID Apps
.GIF Graphical Interchange Format File CompuServe Free GIF Apps
.GIFV GIF Video File Imgur Free GIFV Apps
.GIG Tascam GigaSampler File Tascam Free GIG Apps
.GIH GIMP Image Hose File GIMP Free GIH Apps
.GIM PlayStation Portable Image File Sony Free GIM Apps
.GIN GEMS Engine Control Unit File General Engine Management Systems Free GIN Apps
.GIO Nyquist MIDI File Not Available Free GIO Apps
.GIO Adagio Score Not Available Free GIO Apps
.GIS CFS Console Game Installer Settings File Zaplots Free GIS Apps
.GITIGNORE Git Ignore File Git Free GITIGNORE Apps
.GITKEEP Git Keep File Not Available Free GITKEEP Apps
.GJD The 7th Guest Media File Trilobyte Free GJD Apps
.GKH Ensoniq EPS Family Disk Image Not Available Free GKH Apps
.GKS Graphics Kernel System File International Organization for Standardization Free GKS Apps
.GL GRASP Animation Not Available Free GL Apps
.GLA Ghoul 2 Animation File Raven Software Free GLA Apps
.GLA Sothink SWF Easy Project File SourceTec Software Free GLA Apps
.GLADE Glade Project File The Glade Project Free GLADE Apps
.GLB Glulx Blorb Game File Not Available Free GLB Apps
.GLB STK Globe File Analytical Graphics Free GLB Apps
.GLB Binary GL Transmission Format File The Khronos Group Free GLB Apps
.GLD MPLAB C Compiler Linker Script File Microchip Technology Free GLD Apps
.GLD Ground Loop Design Work File Thermal Dynamics Free GLD Apps
.GLF Space Engine Shader File Space Engine Free GLF Apps
.GLIF Glyph Interchange Format File Not Available Free GLIF Apps
.GLIFFY Gliffy Diagram File Gliffy Free GLIFFY Apps
.GLINK Google Drive External File Shortcut Google Free GLINK Apps
.GLKSAVE Zoom Game Save Package Not Available Free GLKSAVE Apps
.GLM Ghoul 2 Model File Raven Software Free GLM Apps
.GLO RoboHelp Glossary File Adobe Free GLO Apps
.GLOBAL Global Makefile Not Available Free GLOBAL Apps
.GLOX Microsoft Office SmartArt Graphics Layout File Microsoft Free GLOX Apps
.GLS GLScript Game Script GLScript Free GLS Apps
.GLS Sothink SWF Easy Shape File SourceTec Software Free GLS Apps
.GLS Babylon Glossary File Babylon Free GLS Apps
.GLTF GL Transmission Format File The Khronos Group Free GLTF Apps
.GLY Word Glossary File Microsoft Free GLY Apps
.GM GameMonkey Script GameMonkey Script Free GM Apps
.GM Transport Tycoon Music File Microprose Software Free GM Apps
.GM6 GameMaker 6 Project File YoYo Games Free GM6 Apps
.GM81 Game Maker 8.1 Project File YoYo Games Free GM81 Apps
.GMA Garry's Mod Addon File Facepunch Studios Free GMA Apps
.GMAP Google Drive My Map Google Free GMAP Apps
.GMAP Garmin Map File Garmin Free GMAP Apps
.GMBCK Game Maker Background Image File YoYo Games Free GMBCK Apps
.GMBL Logger Lite Document Vernier Free GMBL Apps
.GMC Game Music Creator Sound File Bitmagic Free GMC Apps
.GMD GroupMail Message Infacta Free GMD Apps
.GMD Nintendo 3DS Game Dialog File Nintendo Free GMD Apps
.GMD Game Maker Program Code Not Available Free GMD Apps
.GME DexDrive Game Card File InterAct Free GME Apps
.GMF Leadwerks Game Model File Leadwerks Free GMF Apps
.GMF Geology Multi-File Not Available Free GMF Apps
.GMK GameMaker Project File YoYo Games Free GMK Apps
.GML Graph Modeling Language File Not Available Free GML Apps
.GML Geography Markup Language File Galdos Systems Free GML Apps
.GML GameMaker Language File Yoyo Games Free GML Apps
.GML Gerber Mill Layer File Ucamco Free GML Apps
.GMMOD Game Maker 3D Model File YoYo Games Free GMMOD Apps
.GMMP WCS Gamut Map Model Profile Microsoft Free GMMP Apps
.GMO GNU Machine Object File Not Available Free GMO Apps
.GMP Global Mapper Package File Blue Marble Geographics Free GMP Apps
.GMRES GameMaker Resource File YoYo Games Free GMRES Apps
.GMS Garry's Mod Save File Facepunch Studios Free GMS Apps
.GMS Gesture and Motion Signal File GMS Free GMS Apps
.GMSPR Game Maker Sprite File YoYo Games Free GMSPR Apps
.GMT rFactor Model File Image Space Free GMT Apps
.GMV Gens Game Recording Gens Free GMV Apps
.GMW Global Mapper Workspace File Blue Marble Geographics Free GMW Apps
.GMX GameMaker File YoYo Games Free GMX Apps
.GMZ Compressed GameMaker File YoYo Games Free GMZ Apps
.GNE Flickr Web Page Ludicorp Free GNE Apps
.GNM Gnumeric Spreadsheet The GNOME Project Free GNM Apps
.GNO GenoPro Genealogy Tree File GenoPro Free GNO Apps
.GNP GenePool Save File JJ Ventrella Free GNP Apps
.GNP GNPeak Output File GNXAS Free GNP Apps
.GNUMERIC Gnumeric Spreadsheet The GNOME Project Free GNUMERIC Apps
.GNUTAR GNU Tar Archive Free Software Foundation Free GNUTAR Apps
.GO Go Source Code File Google Free GO Apps
.GOD God Configuration File Synbioz Free GOD Apps
.GOD Gore Game Data File 4D Rulers Free GOD Apps
.GOD Populous II Player Progress File Bullfrog Productions Free GOD Apps
.GODOT Godot Engine Project Godot Free GODOT Apps
.GOFIN DRUKI Gofin Form File Wydawnictwo Podatkowe GOFIN Free GOFIN Apps
.GOM GOM Media File Gretech Free GOM Apps
.GOOMOD World of Goo Add-on 2D Boy Free GOOMOD Apps
.GORM Gorm Interface Resource File Not Available Free GORM Apps
.GP3 Guitar Pro 3 File Arobas Music Free GP3 Apps
.GP4 Guitar Pro 4 Tablature Arobas Music Free GP4 Apps
.GP4 CCITT Group 4 Fax File CCITT Free GP4 Apps
.GP5 Guitar Pro 5 Tablature File Arobas Music Free GP5 Apps
.GPBANK Guitar Pro Sound Bank File Arobas Music Free GPBANK Apps
.GPD Gamer Profile Data File Microsoft Free GPD Apps
.GPD Generic Printer Description File Microsoft Free GPD Apps
.GPD Graphic PhotoDefiner Image File RGB Light Free GPD Apps
.GPE GP2X Video Game GamePark Free GPE Apps
.GPF GRAVITY Ragnarok Online Patch File Gravity Interactive Free GPF Apps
.GPF Gecko Patch File Nuke Free GPF Apps
.GPF Geosoft Project File Geosoft Free GPF Apps
.GPF Grant Agreement Preparation Form European Commission Free GPF Apps
.GPG GNU Privacy Guard Public Keyring Free Software Foundation Free GPG Apps
.GPH NpGraphIt NpGraphIt Free GPH Apps
.GPI Garmin Point of Interest File Garmin Free GPI Apps
.GPI Gerber Photoplotter Information File Ucamco Free GPI Apps
.GPJ Grapher Project File Golden Software Free GPJ Apps
.GPJ MULTI IDE Project File Green Hills Software Free GPJ Apps
.GPJ jGRASP Project File jGRASP Free GPJ Apps
.GPK WaveLab Audio Peak File Steinberg Free GPK Apps
.GPN GlidePlan Map Document Not Available Free GPN Apps
.GPP Guitar Practiced Perfectly 2 Data File Music Practiced Perfectly Free GPP Apps
.GPR Babylon Glossary Builder Project File Babylon Free GPR Apps
.GPR GenePix Results File Molecular Devices Free GPR Apps
.GPRX Geoxa Project File Creative GIS Solutions Free GPRX Apps
.GPS GOM Player Skin File Gretech Free GPS Apps
.GPS Survey Pro Coordinate File Tripod Data Systems Free GPS Apps
.GPS GenePix Settings File Molecular Devices Free GPS Apps
.GPSCAN GrandPerspective Scan File Erwin Bonsma Free GPSCAN Apps
.GPU GP2X Utility Program GamePark Free GPU Apps
.GPX Guitar Pro 6 Document Arobas Music Free GPX Apps
.GPX GPS Exchange File Not Available Free GPX Apps
.GQF GrafEq GrafEq Free GQF Apps
.GQSX Microsoft Office SmartArt Styles File Microsoft Free GQSX Apps
.GR2 Granny 3D File RAD Game Tools Free GR2 Apps
.GRA Microsoft Graph File Microsoft Free GRA Apps
.GRADE GradeStat Document GradeStat Free GRADE Apps
.GRADIENTLIBRARY Painter Gradient Library Corel Free GRADIENTLIBRARY Apps
.GRADIENTS Painter Gradation Library Corel Free GRADIENTS Apps
.GRADLE Gradle Script Not Available Free GRADLE Apps
.GRAFFLE OmniGraffle Drawing The Omni Group Free GRAFFLE Apps
.GRAM Speech Recognition Grammar Specification Speech Recognition Free GRAM Apps
.GRAPHML GraphML File The GraphML Team Free GRAPHML Apps
.GRAPHMLZ Zip Compressed GraphML File Not Available Free GRAPHMLZ Apps
.GRASP GRASP Animation Not Available Free GRASP Apps
.GRB GRIB Meteorological Data File World Meteorological Organization Free GRB Apps
.GRD Photoshop Gradient File Adobe Free GRD Apps
.GRD Surfer Grid File Golden Software Free GRD Apps
.GRDB Gramps Database File The Gramps Team Free GRDB Apps
.GREENFOOT Greenfoot Project Archive University of Kent Free GREENFOOT Apps
.GRF DPlot Graph File Hydesoft Computing Free GRF Apps
.GRF Ragnarok Client Archive Gravity Free GRF Apps
.GRF Transport Tycoon Graphics Resource File Chris Sawyer Free GRF Apps
.GRF Grapher Graph File Golden Software Free GRF Apps
.GRF CloverDX Data Transformation Graph Javlin Free GRF Apps
.GRF Generic Graph File Not Available Free GRF Apps
.GRIB Gridded Binary File World Meteorological Organization Free GRIB Apps
.GRIB2 GRIB2 Meteorological Data File World Meteorological Organization Free GRIB2 Apps
.GRIND Juice Grinder Recipe File Chris Formeister Free GRIND Apps
.GRINDX Juice Grinder Recipe File Chris Formeister Free GRINDX Apps
.GRK Gradekeeper Class Gradebook File Gradekeeper Free GRK Apps
.GRL Windows Update Status File Microsoft Free GRL Apps
.GRN Granny 3D File RAD Game Tools Free GRN Apps
.GRO Allegro MIDI File Not Available Free GRO Apps
.GRO Graphic Object Bitmap Hewlett-Packard Free GRO Apps
.GROB Graphic Object Bitmap File Hewlett-Packard Free GROB Apps
.GROOVY Groovy Source Code File VMware Inc Free GROOVY Apps
.GROUP Windows Contacts Group File Microsoft Free GROUP Apps
.GROUPPROJ Delphi Project Group File Embarcadero Technologies Free GROUPPROJ Apps
.GROWLREGDICT Growl Temp File Growl Team Free GROWLREGDICT Apps
.GROWLTICKET Growl Notification File Growl Team Free GROWLTICKET Apps
.GRP SmarterMail Group File SmarterTools Free GRP Apps
.GRP StarCraft Graphics Group File Blizzard Entertainment Free GRP Apps
.GRP Windows Program Manager Group Microsoft Free GRP Apps
.GRP Ken Silverman's Build Engine Group File Ken Silverman Free GRP Apps
.GRR Gradekeeper Class Roster File Gradekeeper Free GRR Apps
.GRT Grapher Template Golden Software Free GRT Apps
.GRV Office Groove File Microsoft Free GRV Apps
.GRXML Speech Recognition Grammar Specification - XML Speech Recognition Free GRXML Apps
.GRY Grayscale Image Not Available Free GRY Apps
.GS Google Apps Script Google Free GS Apps
.GS Geosoft Script Geosoft Free GS Apps
.GS GemStone Document Verity Software House Free GS Apps
.GS0 Sega Genesis Emulator Quick Slot 0 Save File Not Available Free GS0 Apps
.GS3 GameStarter File GameStarter Free GS3 Apps
.GSB Golden Software Boundary File Golden Software Free GSB Apps
.GSBA Game Save Backup Archive InsaneMatt Free GSBA Apps
.GS-BCK Genius Scan Backup File The Grizzly Labs Free GS-BCK Apps
.GSC Call of Duty Game Script Activision Free GSC Apps
.GSD General Station Description File PROFIBUS and PROFINET International Free GSD Apps
.GSD Graphtec Vector Graphics File Graphtec Free GSD Apps
.GSF Game Boy Advance Sound File Caitsith2 and Zoopd Free GSF Apps
.GSFLIB Game Boy Advance Song Library Caitsith2 and Zoopd Free GSFLIB Apps
.GSHEET Google Drive Spreadsheet Link File Google Free GSHEET Apps
.GSI Golden Software Interchange File Golden Software Free GSI Apps
.GSLIDES Google Drive Presentation Link File Google Free GSLIDES Apps
.GSM Global System for Mobile Audio File Not Available Free GSM Apps
.GSM Graphic Description Language File Not Available Free GSM Apps
.GSM MapViewer Project File Golden Software Free GSM Apps
.GSM US Robotics GSM Audio File Not Available Free GSM Apps
.GSP Silhouette Studio SD Card Document Silhouette America Free GSP Apps
.GSP IMail Error Message File Ipswitch Free GSP Apps
.GSP Groovy Server Page Object Computing Inc Free GSP Apps
.GSP Geometer's Sketchpad File Key Curriculum Press Free GSP Apps
.GSPROJ GameSalad Windows Project File GameSalad Free GSPROJ Apps
.GSR Golden Software Reference File Golden Software Free GSR Apps
.GSR2 Golden Software Reference File Golden Software Free GSR2 Apps
.GST MapInfo Geoset File MapInfo Free GST Apps
.GSTENCIL OmniGraffle Stencil The Omni Group Free GSTENCIL Apps
.GSX Sega Genesis Emulator Saved State File Not Available Free GSX Apps
.GSZIP GameSalad Marketplace Asset File GameSalad Free GSZIP Apps
.GTA Microsoft Groove Tool Archive Microsoft Free GTA Apps
.GTABLE Google Drive Fusion Table Google Free GTABLE Apps
.GTAR GNU Tar Archive Free Software Foundation Free GTAR Apps
.GTEMPLATE OmniGraffle Template The Omni Group Free GTEMPLATE Apps
.GTHR Gather Log File Microsoft Free GTHR Apps
.GTKRC GTK+ Theme File The GTK+ Project Free GTKRC Apps
.GTL Gerber Top Layer Data File Ucamco Free GTL Apps
.GTM GreekToMe Translation File Charles H King Free GTM Apps
.GTM GPS TrackMaker Data File Geo Studio Technology Free GTM Apps
.GTO Gerber Top Overlay Data File Ucamco Free GTO Apps
.GTP Guitar Pro File Arobas Music Free GTP Apps
.GTP GNOME Theme Package File The GNOME Project Free GTP Apps
.GTP Gerber Top Solder Paste Data File Ucamco Free GTP Apps
.GTS Gerber Top Solder Mask Data File Ucamco Free GTS Apps
.GTS CaptiveWorks PVR Video File CaptiveWorks Free GTS Apps
.GTW Gen-Trix Studio Gen Trix Studio Free GTW Apps
.GTWORLD Growtopia World File Ubisoft Free GTWORLD Apps
.GUI Dr.Explain Project File Indigo Byte Systems Free GUI Apps
.GUIDES xScope Guides File The Iconfactory Free GUIDES Apps
.GUIT Rust Guitar Song file Not Available Free GUIT Apps
.GV Graphviz DOT File AT and T Free GV Apps
.GVDESIGN Gravit Designer File Gravit Free GVDESIGN Apps
.GVI Google Video File Google Free GVI Apps
.GVIMRC GVim Runtime Configuration File gVim Free GVIMRC Apps
.GVP Google Video Pointer Google Free GVP Apps
.GVSP Geocortex Viewer for Silverlight Project Latitude Graphics Free GVSP Apps
.GVSWATCH Gravit Designer Swatch File Gravit Free GVSWATCH Apps
.GVY Groovy Source Code File VMware Inc Free GVY Apps
.GWB Interwrite Presentation File Interwrite Learning Free GWB Apps
.GWD Galaxy Watchface Design File Samsung Free GWD Apps
.GWI GroupWise Database Shortcut File Novell Free GWI Apps
.GWK GraphiCode PCB Job File GraphiCode Free GWK Apps
.GWP Greetings Workshop Project File Microsoft Free GWP Apps
.GWS GeoMedia GeoWorkspace File Intergraph Free GWS Apps
.GWS Geosoft Workspace File Geosoft Free GWS Apps
.GXC General CADD Pro Component General CADD Products Free GXC Apps
.GXD General CADD Pro Drawing General CADD Products Free GXD Apps
.GXF General eXchange Format File Grass Valley Group Free GXF Apps
.GXF General CADD Pro Font File General CADD Products Free GXF Apps
.GXH General CADD Pro Hatch Pattern File General CADD Products Free GXH Apps
.GXK Galaxkey Secured File Galaxkey Free GXK Apps
.GXL Graph Exchange Language File R C Holt Free GXL Apps
.GXM General CADD Pro Macro File General CADD Products Free GXM Apps
.GXT Grand Theft Auto Text File Rockstar Games Free GXT Apps
.GXT GIMS Graphical Text Data File ITU Free GXT Apps
.GYM Sega Genesis Sound File Not Available Free GYM Apps
.GZ Gnu Zipped Archive The GNU Project Free GZ Apps
.GZ2 Misnamed BZ2 File Not Available Free GZ2 Apps
.GZA IZArc BGA Archive File Not Available Free GZA Apps
.GZI Unix Gzip File Not Available Free GZI Apps
.GZIP Gnu Zipped File Not Available Free GZIP Apps
.GZQUAR Bitdefender Antivirus Quarantine File Bitdefender Free GZQUAR Apps
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