File Formtas Starts with Letter N

List of all File Formats begins with letter N from the JeDok file types database.

Extension File Type Developer Free Apps
.ATK Andrew Toolkit Andrew Toolkit Free ATK Apps
.ATK Andrew Toolkit Andrew Toolkit Free ATK Apps
.N Neko Bytecode File Nicolas Cannasse Free N Apps
.N2 Nitrous Minecraft GLSL Shader File Nitrous Free N2 Apps
.N3 Notation3 Notation3 Free N3 Apps
.N3D Super 3D Noah's Ark Data File Wisdom Tree Free N3D Apps
.N3D Nuclear 3D File Nuclear Glory Free N3D Apps
.N3PMESH Knight Online 3D Mesh File K2 Network Free N3PMESH Apps
.N3R Panasonic Security System Video File Panasonic Free N3R Apps
.N64 Nintendo 64 Emulator ROM File Not Available Free N64 Apps
.NA2 Netscape Address Book File Mozilla Free NA2 Apps
.NAAC Namco AAC File Namco Free NAAC Apps
.NAM G.E.C.K. Mod Data File Bethesda Softworks Free NAM Apps
.NAM Aqua3D Network File Aqua3D Free NAM Apps
.NAM MODFLOW Name File U S Geological Survey Free NAM Apps
.NAMES Data Set Description File Not Available Free NAMES Apps
.NAP McAfee ePO Network Associates Package McAfee Free NAP Apps
.NAP NAP Metafile Not Available Free NAP Apps
.NAP Napster Secured Music File Napster Free NAP Apps
.NAR Nexon game archive Nexon Free NAR Apps
.NARC Nintendo DS Archive File Nintendo Free NARC Apps
.NARRATIVE Narrator Document Mariner Software Free NARRATIVE Apps
.NAS Nastran Input File MSC Software Free NAS Apps
.NATVIS Natvis VC++ Debugger Visualization File Microsoft Free NATVIS Apps
.NAV MSN Application Extension File Microsoft Free NAV Apps
.NAV Id Tech 3 Bot Navigation File Valve Free NAV Apps
.NAV2 WinAVI Temporary Navigation File ZJMedia Free NAV2 Apps
.NAZ Total Overdose Game Data File Deadline Games Free NAZ Apps
.NB Nota Bene File Nota Bene Free NB Apps
.NB Mathematica Notebook Wolfram Research Free NB Apps
.NB0 Device Boot Loader Image Not Available Free NB0 Apps
.NB7 NovaBACKUP Output File NovaStor Free NB7 Apps
.NBA Nero BackItUp Archive Nero Free NBA Apps
.NBAK Neat Backup File The Neat Company Free NBAK Apps
.NBC Next Byte Codes Source Code File NBC Free NBC Apps
.NBD Data Backup Data File Prosoft Engineering Free NBD Apps
.NBD NovaBACKUP File NovaStor Free NBD Apps
.NBE Nessus Report File Tenable Network Security Free NBE Apps
.NBES Nbes Ransomware Encrypted File Not Available Free NBES Apps
.NBF Backup Now Archive NTI Free NBF Apps
.NBF Nokia Backup File Nokia Free NBF Apps
.NBH ROM Update Utility Image File Not Available Free NBH Apps
.NBI Nero BackItUp Information File Nero Free NBI Apps
.NBK SMART Notebook File SMART Technologies Free NBK Apps
.NBK NovaBACKUP Job File NovaStor Free NBK Apps
.NBK Data Backup Job File Prosoft Engineering Free NBK Apps
.NBM NetBeans Module Oracle Free NBM Apps
.NBP Mathematica Player Notebook File Wolfram Research Free NBP Apps
.NBP NeoBook Plugin File NeoSoft Free NBP Apps
.NBS NTI Backup Set NTI Free NBS Apps
.NBS Minecraft Note Block Studio File David Norgren Free NBS Apps
.NBT Minecraft Named Binary Tag File Mojang Free NBT Apps
.NBU Nokia Phone Backup File Nokia Free NBU Apps
.NC NetCDF File Unidata Free NC Apps
.NC Mastercam Numerical Control File CNC Software Free NC Apps
.NC mcrypt Encrypted File Not Available Free NC Apps
.NC1 Mastercam Numerical Control File CNC Software Free NC1 Apps
.NCA Nintendo Content Archive Nintendo Free NCA Apps
.NCB Visual C++ IntelliSense Database Microsoft Free NCB Apps
.NCD Nero CoverDesigner File Nero Free NCD Apps
.NCD NTI CD-Maker Disc Image NTI Free NCD Apps
.NCER Nitro Cell Resource File Nintendo Free NCER Apps
.NCF No Cache File Valve Free NCF Apps
.NCFG ArcGIS Explorer Configuration File ESRI Free NCFG Apps
.NCGR Nintendo DS Title Graphics File Nintendo Free NCGR Apps
.NCH Outlook Express Folder File Microsoft Free NCH Apps
.NCL NirCmd Script File NirSoft Free NCL Apps
.NCLR Nintendo DS Color Palette File Nintendo Free NCLR Apps
.NCO Nero BackItUp File Nero Free NCO Apps
.NCOR Adobe Encore Project File Adobe Free NCOR Apps
.NCORX Adobe Encore Project Adobe Free NCORX Apps
.NCR NCR Image Not Available Free NCR Apps
.NCSS NCSS Dataset File NCSS Free NCSS Apps
.NCT Now Contact File Now Software Free NCT Apps
.NCT Nero CoverDesigner Template Nero Free NCT Apps
.NCW Nero CoverDesigner Wizard File Nero Free NCW Apps
.NCW Native Compressed Wave File Native Instruments Free NCW Apps
.NCX EPUB Navigation Control XML File IDPF Free NCX Apps
.ND QuickBooks Network Data File Intuit Free ND Apps
.ND5 Renamed NDS File Not Available Free ND5 Apps
.NDA Nero Backup File Nero Free NDA Apps
.NDB ClamAV Extended Signature File Sourcefire Free NDB Apps
.NDC Personal Communications Settings File IBM Free NDC Apps
.NDD Nintendo 64DD Emulator ROM File Not Available Free NDD Apps
.NDF SQL Server Secondary Database File Microsoft Free NDF Apps
.NDIF Nokia Data File Nokia Free NDIF Apps
.NDIF Apple New Disk Image Format File Apple Free NDIF Apps
.NDK Lotus Notes Design Elements File IBM Free NDK Apps
.NDL Lotus Notes Doclink File IBM Free NDL Apps
.NDOC Naver Word NHN Free NDOC Apps
.NDR Nintendo 64DD Emulator ROM Save File Project64 Free NDR Apps
.NDS Nero DiscSpan Compilation File Nero Free NDS Apps
.NDS Nintendo DS Game ROM Not Available Free NDS Apps
.NDX Neat 5 Archive File The Neat Company Free NDX Apps
.NDX dBASE Index File Not Available Free NDX Apps
.NED OMNeT++ Network Description File OMNeT++ Community Free NED Apps
.NEF Nikon Electronic Format RAW Image Nikon Free NEF Apps
.NEKO Neko Source Code File Nicolas Cannasse Free NEKO Apps
.NEO NeoChrome Bitmap Image Atari Free NEO Apps
.NEOSAVE Neopets Save File Infinite Interactive Free NEOSAVE Apps
.NES Nintendo (NES) ROM File Nintendo Free NES Apps
.NESSUS Nessus Network Security Scanner File Tenable Network Security Free NESSUS Apps
.NET netViz Project File netViz Free NET Apps
.NET FileMaker Networking Module FileMaker Free NET Apps
.NETA Netica Binary File Norsys Free NETA Apps
.NETSPD NetSpot Survey Project File NetSpot Team Etwok Free NETSPD Apps
.NETSPM NetSpot Map File NetSpot Team Etwok Free NETSPM Apps
.NETWORKCONNECT Apple Network Connect Document Apple Free NETWORKCONNECT Apps
.NEU Pro/ENGINEER Neutral File Parametric Technology Free NEU Apps
.NEW New G-Suite File Google Free NEW Apps
.NEX Navigator Extension Opera Software Free NEX Apps
.NEXE Chrome Native Client Executable Google Free NEXE Apps
.NFA Netflix Audio File Netflix Free NFA Apps
.NFB Nokia Phone Backup File Nokia Free NFB Apps
.NFC Nokia Phone Backup Copy File Nokia Free NFC Apps
.NFF Neutral File Format Autodesk Free NFF Apps
.NFI Netflix Information File Netflix Free NFI Apps
.NFI Dreambox Disc Image Dream Multimedia Free NFI Apps
.NFL Nokia Flash Lite Package Nokia Free NFL Apps
.NFM Delphi .NET Form File Embarcadero Technologies Free NFM Apps
.NFO Folio Views Infobase File The FIEN Group Free NFO Apps
.NFO System Information File Microsoft Free NFO Apps
.NFO Age of Empires Player File Microsoft Free NFO Apps
.NFO Warez Information File THG Free NFO Apps
.NFS Netflix Subtitle File Netflix Free NFS Apps
.NFS Network File System Temporary File Not Available Free NFS Apps
.NFS11SAVE Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Save File Electronic Arts Free NFS11SAVE Apps
.NFTR Nintendo DS Font Type File Not Available Free NFTR Apps
.NFV Netflix Video File Netflix Free NFV Apps
.NGAGE N-Gage Game File Nokia Free NGAGE Apps
.N-GAGE N-Gage Application Nokia Free N-GAGE Apps
.NGC NeoGeo Pocket Color ROM Not Available Free NGC Apps
.NGC Xilinx Generated Netlist File Xilinx Free NGC Apps
.NGD Xilinx Netlist File Xilinx Free NGD Apps
.NGDAT N-Gage Game Data N Gage Game Free NGDAT Apps
.NGLOSS Nisus Writer Glossary Nisus Free NGLOSS Apps
.NGP NeoGeo Pocket ROM Not Available Free NGP Apps
.NGRR Guitar Rig Preset Native Instruments Free NGRR Apps
.NGS Steins;Gate Game File 5pb and Nitroplus Free NGS Apps
.NGT Noni GPSPlot Track File Noni GPSPlot Free NGT Apps
.NIB Interface Builder User Interface File Apple Free NIB Apps
.NICK Outlook 2000 Nickname File Microsoft Free NICK Apps
.NIF Gamebryo Model File Gamebase Free NIF Apps
.NIM Nim Source Code File Nimrod Software Foundation Free NIM Apps
.NITF National Imagery Transmission Format File U S Department of Defense Free NITF Apps
.NJB Nikon Photo Index File Nikon Free NJB Apps
.NJI Nero Job Information File Nero Free NJI Apps
.NJX NJStar Document NJStar Software Free NJX Apps
.NK NUKE Script The Foundry Free NK Apps
.NK2 Outlook 2002 Nickname File Microsoft Free NK2 Apps
.NKB Kontakt Audio Bank Native Instruments Free NKB Apps
.NKC Kontakt Library Data File Native Instruments Free NKC Apps
.NKI KONTAKT Instrument File Native Instruments Free NKI Apps
.NKIT Nintendo Kit Game ROM File Not Available Free NKIT Apps
.NKM Kontakt Multi Instrument File Native Instruments Free NKM Apps
.NKM Mario Kart DS Track Data File Nintendo Free NKM Apps
.NKP Kontakt Presets File Native Instruments Free NKP Apps
.NKS Kontakt Monolith Container Native Instruments Free NKS Apps
.NKX Kontakt Monolith Container File Native Instruments Free NKX Apps
.NL Note Ledge File Kdan Mobile Free NL Apps
.NL Natron Layout File Not Available Free NL Apps
.NL2SCRIPT NoLimits 2 Script File Mad Data Free NL2SCRIPT Apps
.NLELEM NoLimits Track Element File Mad Data Free NLELEM Apps
.NLM Nokia Logo File Nokia Free NLM Apps
.NLOGO NetLogo Model File NetLogo Free NLOGO Apps
.NLOGO3D NetLogo 3D Model File NetLogo Free NLOGO3D Apps
.NLPX NoLimits Package Mad Data Free NLPX Apps
.NLS NetLogo Source File NetLogo Free NLS Apps
.NLS Microsoft National Language Support File Microsoft Free NLS Apps
.NLTRACK NoLimits Roller Coaster Track File Mad Data Free NLTRACK Apps
.NLU neuroLanguage neuroLanguage Free NLU Apps
.NLVM NoLimits Virtual Machine File Mad Data Free NLVM Apps
.NM Space Engine Nebula Model File Space Engine Free NM Apps
.NM2 Navitel Map File Navitel Free NM2 Apps
.NM3 Navitel 5 Map File Navitel Free NM3 Apps
.NMA NMEA Data File National Marine Electronics Association Free NMA Apps
.NMAP NaviComputer Map File NaviComputer Free NMAP Apps
.NMBTEMPLATE Numbers Spreadsheet Template Apple Free NMBTEMPLATE Apps
.NMC ArcGIS Explorer Map Content File ESRI Free NMC Apps
.NMEA NMEA Data File National Marine Electronics Association Free NMEA Apps
.NMF ArcGIS Explorer Map File ESRI Free NMF Apps
.NMIND NovaMind Mind Map File NovaMind Free NMIND Apps
.NML Traktor Collection File Native Instruments Free NML Apps
.NML NSMB Editor Exported Level File NSMBe Free NML Apps
.NMM Samsung Memo File Samsung Free NMM Apps
.NMP NewsMaker Project File EyePower Games Free NMP Apps
.NMSV Native Instruments Massive Sound File Native Instruments Free NMSV Apps
.NN Nero CD File List Nero Free NN Apps
.NND NobleNet Directory NobleNet Directory Free NND Apps
.NNI ANNI Neural Network Investing File Oolution Technologies Free NNI Apps
.NNP ANNI Neural Network Portfolio File Neural Science Free NNP Apps
.NNS NobleNet Sealer NobleNet Sealer Free NNS Apps
.NNT Eudora Address Book File QUALCOMM Free NNT Apps
.NNW NobleNet Web NobleNet Web Free NNW Apps
.NOD NetObjects Fusion File NetObjects Free NOD Apps
.NODE Node.js Binary Addon File Not Available Free NODE Apps
.NOL Nokia Operator Logo File Nokia Free NOL Apps
.NOMEDIA Android No Media File Not Available Free NOMEDIA Apps
.NON Nonogram Puzzle File Dr Steven Simpson Free NON Apps
.NOP WangReal Engine Game Data Archive Sonnori Free NOP Apps
.NOT Notation File Notation Software Free NOT Apps
.NOT Finale Note File MakeMusic Free NOT Apps
.NOTE Notessimo Composition Failsafe Games Free NOTE Apps
.NOTE Notability Note File Ginger Labs Free NOTE Apps
.NOTEBOOK SMART Notebook File SMART Technologies Free NOTEBOOK Apps
.NOTES Memento Notes File Guys with Towels Free NOTES Apps
.NOW Readme File Not Available Free NOW Apps
.NOY NOY Backup File NOY Free NOY Apps
.NOZZLELIBRARY Painter Nozzle Library Corel Free NOZZLELIBRARY Apps
.NP Portfolio NetPublish File Not Available Free NP Apps
.NP4 NetPoint 4 Schedule File PMA Technologies Free NP4 Apps
.NPA Steins;Gate Archive 5pb and Nitroplus Free NPA Apps
.NPF NTI Partition File NTI Free NPF Apps
.NPFX Norton Internet Security Firewall Settings File Symantec Free NPFX Apps
.NPK MikroTik Software Package MikroTik Free NPK Apps
.NPL Nokia Playlist File Nokia Free NPL Apps
.NPL Xilinx ISE 5-6 Project File Xilinx Free NPL Apps
.NPL Cubase Library File Steinberg Media Technologies Free NPL Apps
.NPP Art Explosion Publisher Pro Document Nova Development Free NPP Apps
.NPR Nuendo Project File Steinberg Media Technologies Free NPR Apps
.NPS Natron Node Presets File Not Available Free NPS Apps
.NPS NTI Partition Set NTI Free NPS Apps
.NPT Portfolio NetPublish Template Not Available Free NPT Apps
.NPT NetPoint Schedule File PMA Technologies Free NPT Apps
.NPX FlashPix FlashPix Free NPX Apps
.NPY Python NumPy Array File Python Free NPY Apps
.NQC Not Quite C Source Code File Dave Baum Free NQC Apps
.NRA Nero Audio Compilation Nero Free NRA Apps
.NRB Nero CD-ROM Boot Compilation Nero Free NRB Apps
.NRBAK NeatReceipts Backup File The Neat Company Free NRBAK Apps
.NRC Nero Disc Compilation File Nero Free NRC Apps
.NRD Nero DVD-Video Compilation File Nero Free NRD Apps
.NRF Neat Document Folder File The Neat Company Free NRF Apps
.NRG Nero CD/DVD Image File Nero Free NRG Apps
.NRI Nero ISO CD Compilation File Nero Free NRI Apps
.NRL Autonomy Interwoven Link File Autonomy Interwoven Free NRL Apps
.NRM Nero Mixed Mode CD Compilation Nero Free NRM Apps
.NRMLIB Neat Cabinet File The Neat Company Free NRMLIB Apps
.NRO Nintendo Switch Executable File Not Available Free NRO Apps
.NRS NovaBACKUP Restore Script NovaStor Free NRS Apps
.NRT Neat Contact File The Neat Company Free NRT Apps
.NRT Nokia Ringtone Nokia Free NRT Apps
.NRU Nero UDF CD-ROM Compilation Nero Free NRU Apps
.NRW Nikon Raw Image File Nikon Free NRW Apps
.NRX Neat Receipt Folder File The Neat Company Free NRX Apps
.NS1 Nestopia Save State Martin Freij Free NS1 Apps
.NS2 Lotus Notes 2 Database IBM Free NS2 Apps
.NS3 Lotus Notes 3 Database IBM Free NS3 Apps
.NS4 Lotus Notes 4 Database IBM Free NS4 Apps
.NSA Nullsoft Streaming Audio File Nullsoft Free NSA Apps
.NSBCA Nintendo DS Model Animation File Not Available Free NSBCA Apps
.NSBMD Nintendo DS Model File Not Available Free NSBMD Apps
.NSBTA Nintendo DS Texture Animation File Not Available Free NSBTA Apps
.NSBTX Nintendo DS Model Texture File Not Available Free NSBTX Apps
.NSBVA Nintendo DS Visibility Animation File Not Available Free NSBVA Apps
.NSCR Nintendo DS Title Screen File Nintendo Free NSCR Apps
.NSF NES Sound Format File Not Available Free NSF Apps
.NSF Lotus Notes Database IBM Free NSF Apps
.NSFE Extended NES Sound Format File Disch Free NSFE Apps
.NSH NSIS Header File Nullsoft Free NSH Apps
.NSI NSIS Script Nullsoft Free NSI Apps
.NSL nsL Script Nullsoft Free NSL Apps
.NSP Nintendo Submission Package Not Available Free NSP Apps
.NSQ NScheduler Data File Syntes Free NSQ Apps
.NSR Nessus Security Report File Tenable Network Security Free NSR Apps
.NSS Magentic Screensaver File Perion Free NSS Apps
.NST NoiseTracker Module Not Available Free NST Apps
.NST Outlook Connector for Notes File Microsoft Free NST Apps
.NSV Nullsoft Streaming Video File Nullsoft Free NSV Apps
.NSX AppStudio Project NS BASIC Free NSX Apps
.NT theWord New Testament Text Module theWord Bible Software Free NT Apps
.NT Windows NT Startup File Microsoft Free NT Apps
.NTC Camera Control Pro Custom Curves File Nikon Free NTC Apps
.NTF Lotus Note Template IBM Free NTF Apps
.NTF MediaFACE II CD Label File NEATO Free NTF Apps
.NTFS NTFS Partition File Not Available Free NTFS Apps
.NTH Nokia Series 40 Theme File Nokia Free NTH Apps
.NTN NOTION Song File Not Available Free NTN Apps
.NTP Natron Project File Not Available Free NTP Apps
.NTRK Pacific FIghters Online Track File Ubisoft Entertainment Free NTRK Apps
.NTS Lotus Notes Traveler Server Config File IBM Free NTS Apps
.NTX theWord Encrypted New Testament Text Module theWord Bible Software Free NTX Apps
.NTX Clipper Index File Clipper Free NTX Apps
.NUD Now Up-To-Date Calendar File Now Software Free NUD Apps
.NULL Null Ransomware Encrypted File Not Available Free NULL Apps
.NUMBERS Numbers Spreadsheet File Apple Free NUMBERS Apps
.NUMBERS-TEF Numbers iCloud Document Apple Free NUMBERS-TEF Apps
.NUP Smart Security Update File ESET Free NUP Apps
.NUPKG NuGet Package NuGet Free NUPKG Apps
.NUPKG NetUpdate Package Intego Free NUPKG Apps
.NUPROJ NuGet Build Project NuGet Free NUPROJ Apps
.NUS3BANK Super Smash Bros. Audio Bank File Nintendo Free NUS3BANK Apps
.NUSPEC NuGet Specification File NuGet Free NUSPEC Apps
.NUT Squirrel Script Alberto Demichelis Free NUT Apps
.NUT NUT Video File Not Available Free NUT Apps
.NUV NuppelVideo File Not Available Free NUV Apps
.NV MAME NVRAM File The MAME Team Free NV Apps
.NV NewViews Database File Q W Page Associates Free NV Apps
.NV2 Navionics Chart File Navionics Free NV2 Apps
.NV2 NewViews 2 Database File Q W Page Associates Free NV2 Apps
.NVA NVA Document NVA Free NVA Apps
.NVC Nikon Vignette Correction File Nikon Free NVC Apps
.NVC NeroVision Express Project File Nero Free NVC Apps
.NVDL NVDL Script International Standards Organization Free NVDL Apps
.NVF Creative Labs NVF Audio File Creative Labs Free NVF Apps
.NVI NVIDIA Driver File NVIDIA Free NVI Apps
.NVL UniChem Results File Not Available Free NVL Apps
.NVM PlayStation 2 BIOS Configuration File Not Available Free NVM Apps
.NVP NVivo for Windows Project QSR International Free NVP Apps
.NVRAM VMware NVRAM File VMware Free NVRAM Apps
.NVV NVIDIA Vertex Shader File NVIDIA Free NVV Apps
.NW Node-Webkit App Package Intel Open Source Technology Center Free NW Apps
.NWBAK NeatWorks Backup File The Neat Company Free NWBAK Apps
.NWC NoteWorthy Composer File NoteWorthy Free NWC Apps
.NWC Navisworks Cache File Autodesk Free NWC Apps
.NWCAB Neat Cabinet File The Neat Company Free NWCAB Apps
.NWCP Nisus Clipboard Document Nisus Free NWCP Apps
.NWCTXT NoteWorthy Composer Text File NoteWorthy Free NWCTXT Apps
.NWD Navisworks Document Autodesk Free NWD Apps
.NWDB Neat Database File The Neat Company Free NWDB Apps
.NWELICENSE Nisus License Nisus Free NWELICENSE Apps
.NWF Navisworks File Set Autodesk Free NWF Apps
.NWM Nisus Macro Nisus Free NWM Apps
.NWM Sony NWM Display Screen File Sony Free NWM Apps
.NWO NWChem Output File Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Free NWO Apps
.NWP Navisworks Presenter Material Palette File Autodesk Free NWP Apps
.NWP Magentic Wallpaper File Perion Free NWP Apps
.NWP Now Contact WP Document Now Software Free NWP Apps
.NWS Windows Live Mail Newsgroup File Microsoft Free NWS Apps
.NWV Dragon NaturallySpeaking User Archive Nuance Free NWV Apps
.NXC Not eXactly C Source Code File John Hansen Free NXC Apps
.NXG eSite Builder NXG Web Page Motorola Free NXG Apps
.NXL Nextlabs Encrypted Data File Nextlabs Free NXL Apps
.NY Audacity Nyquist Plug-in Nyquist Free NY Apps
.NYF myBase Database File Wjj Software Free NYF Apps
.NZ NanoZip Compressed File Sami Runsas Free NZ Apps
.NZB NewzBin Usenet Index File NewzBin com Free NZB Apps
Extension File Type Developer Free Apps

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