File Formtas Starts with Letter R

List of all File Formats begins with letter R from the JeDok file types database.

Extension File Type Developer Free Apps
.R REBOL Script REBOL Technologies Free R Apps
.R R Script File The R Project for Statistical Computing Free R Apps
.R Rez Source Code File Apple Free R Apps
.R Ratfor Source Code File Brian Kerhighan Free R Apps
.R Right Audio Channel File Not Available Free R Apps
.R0 WinRAR Compressed Archive RARLAB Free R0 Apps
.R00 WinRAR Compressed Archive RARLAB Free R00 Apps
.R01 WinRAR Split Archive Part 1 RARLAB Free R01 Apps
.R02 WinRAR Split Archive Part 2 RARLAB Free R02 Apps
.R03 WinRAR Split Archive Part 3 RARLAB Free R03 Apps
.R04 WinRAR Split Archive Part 4 RARLAB Free R04 Apps
.R1 WinRAR Multi-Volume Archive Part 1 RARLAB Free R1 Apps
.R1M RealOne Streaming Media File RealNetworks Free R1M Apps
.R2 WinRAR Multi-Volume Archive Part 2 RARLAB Free R2 Apps
.R21 WinRAR Split Archive Part 21 Eugene Roshal Free R21 Apps
.R30 WinRAR Split Archive Part 30 Eugene Roshal Free R30 Apps
.R3D REDCODE Video File RED Free R3D Apps
.R3D RISA-3D Model File RISA Tech Free R3D Apps
.R3PROJ RPG Maker 2003 Project Kadokawa Games Free R3PROJ Apps
.RA RealAudio File RealNetworks Free RA Apps
.RAD Citrix Rapid Application Delivery File Citrix Free RAD Apps
.RAD Radar ViewPoint Radar Data Not Available Free RAD Apps
.RAD Reality Adlib Tracker Module Reality Free RAD Apps
.RAD VRAD Lights File Valve Free RAD Apps
.RAD Radiance Scene File Radiance Free RAD Apps
.RADIUMKEY2 Radium 2 License File CatPig Studios Free RADIUMKEY2 Apps
.RADQ Need for Madness Game Archive RadicalPlay com Free RADQ Apps
.RAF Fuji RAW Image File Fuji Free RAF Apps
.RAL WinRail Track Design File Span Software Free RAL Apps
.RAM Real Audio Metadata File RealNetworks Free RAM Apps
.RAP Raptor Flowchart File Martin Carlisle Free RAP Apps
.RAP Scarab Ransomware Encrypted File Not Available Free RAP Apps
.RAR WinRAR Compressed Archive Eugene Roshal Free RAR Apps
.RAS Remedy Archive System File Remedy Entertainment Free RAS Apps
.RAS Sun Raster Graphic Sun Microsystems Free RAS Apps
.RASKINLICENSE Raskin License File Raskin Software Free RASKINLICENSE Apps
.RASKINPLACE Raskin Place Layout File Raskin Software Free RASKINPLACE Apps
.RASUNSOFT Rasunsoft Game Replay File Rasunsoft Free RASUNSOFT Apps
.RAT PICS Rating File W3C Free RAT Apps
.RATDVD RatDVD Disk Image ACE GmbH Free RATDVD Apps
.RAV Rave Reports Project File Nevrona Designs Free RAV Apps
.RAVI Radiometric Video File Not Available Free RAVI Apps
.RAW Dolphin Wii and Gamecube Emulator Game Save File Not Available Free RAW Apps
.RAW Raw Image Data File Not Available Free RAW Apps
.RAW Raw Audio Data Not Available Free RAW Apps
.RAX Real Music Store Audio File RealNetworks Free RAX Apps
.RAY Synopsys Light Ray Data File Synopsys Free RAY Apps
.RAY Rayshade Image Craig Kolb Free RAY Apps
.RB Rosebud Profile hfrmobile Free RB Apps
.RB Ruby Source Code Not Available Free RB Apps
.RB Real Studio Project Xojo Inc Free RB Apps
.RB4 RobotWorks Parameters File Compucraft Free RB4 Apps
.RB4 Resume Builder 4 File Sarm Software Free RB4 Apps
.RBC Retrospect Backup Catalog File EMC Insignia Free RBC Apps
.RBC Rembo-C Script IBM Free RBC Apps
.RBF Redatam Binary File CELADE Free RBF Apps
.RBF LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Robot Brick File The LEGO Group Free RBF Apps
.RBF Windows Installer Rollback File Microsoft Free RBF Apps
.RBF Stellar Insta Backup Image Stellar Data Recovery Free RBF Apps
.RBF Retrospect Backup File EMC Insignia Free RBF Apps
.RBJ XRK Compiled Redcode Object File Marco Pontello Free RBJ Apps
.RBK Windows 95 Registry Backup File Microsoft Free RBK Apps
.RBM Real Studio Menu File Xojo Inc Free RBM Apps
.RBP Real Studio Project File Xojo Inc Free RBP Apps
.RBS Rebirth Song File Propellerhead Software Free RBS Apps
.RBS Windows Installer Rollback Script Microsoft Free RBS Apps
.RBS MP3 Ringtone File Not Available Free RBS Apps
.RBVCP Real Studio Version Controlled Project Xojo Inc Free RBVCP Apps
.RBW Real Studio Window File Xojo Inc Free RBW Apps
.RBW Ruby Script Not Available Free RBW Apps
.RBX Rembo-C Compiled Script IBM Free RBX Apps
.RBXL Roblox Location File Roblox Corporation Free RBXL Apps
.RBXLX Roblox XML Place File Roblox Corporation Free RBXLX Apps
.RBXM Roblox Model Roblox Corporation Free RBXM Apps
.RBXMX Roblox Model Roblox Corporation Free RBXMX Apps
.RBXS Roblox Script Roblox Corporation Free RBXS Apps
.RBZ SketchUp Plugin Trimble Free RBZ Apps
.RC Resource Script Microsoft Free RC Apps
.RC1 Samsung Mobile Device Firmware File Samsung Free RC1 Apps
.RC2 Visual Studio Resources File Microsoft Free RC2 Apps
.RC2 Samsung Mobile Device Firmware File Samsung Free RC2 Apps
.RCC Recap Compressed Structured Scan Data File Autodesk Free RCC Apps
.RCD Arcade File University of Virginia Free RCD Apps
.RCD LEGO MINDSTORMS Recording File The LEGO Group Free RCD Apps
.RCD pcAnywhere Recorded Session File Symantec Free RCD Apps
.RCF SonicWALL VPN Configuration File SonicWALL Free RCF Apps
.RCG Recog Character Recognition Set Recog Free RCG Apps
.RCL Recolored Project File Bertheussen Free RCL Apps
.RCL Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 Project Sonic Solutions Free RCL Apps
.RCO PlayStation Portable Resource File Sony Free RCO Apps
.RCPROFILE IP Unplugged Roaming Client IP Unplugged Free RCPROFILE Apps
.RCPROJECT Apple Reality Composer Project Apple Free RCPROJECT Apps
.RCPROJECT iMovie '08 Project Apple Free RCPROJECT Apps
.RCREC LogMeIn Remote Control Session Recording LogMeIn Free RCREC Apps
.RCS RandomControl Scene File RandomControl Free RCS Apps
.RCT Visual Studio Resource Template Microsoft Free RCT Apps
.RCTD RabbitCT Dataset Not Available Free RCTD Apps
.RCU RealWorld Layered Cursor Image RealWorld Graphics Free RCU Apps
.RCUT Webinaria Recording Cut Webinaria Free RCUT Apps
.RCV RoofCon Viewer Project File MiTek Industries Free RCV Apps
.RCV BIOS Recovery File Not Available Free RCV Apps
.RCX REDCINE-X Project File RED Free RCX Apps
.RCY ReCycle 1.x Document Propellerhead Software Free RCY Apps
.RDA Anno 2070 Data File Ubisoft Entertainment Free RDA Apps
.RDA R Data File The R Project for Statistical Computing Free RDA Apps
.RDATA R Workspace File The R Project for Statistical Computing Free RDATA Apps
.RDB N64 ROM Database Not Available Free RDB Apps
.RDB Retrospect Backup Set EMC Free RDB Apps
.RDB Wavelet Video Images File Not Available Free RDB Apps
.RDC IDRISI Raster Documentation File Clark Labs Free RDC Apps
.RDF Resource Description Framework File Not Available Free RDF Apps
.RDF Report Definition File Not Available Free RDF Apps
.RDF Relux Project File Relux Free RDF Apps
.RDF ArcGIS Report Document File ESRI Free RDF Apps
.RDF PowerProducer Disc Image Cyberlink Free RDF Apps
.RDF ReDIF Template RePEc Free RDF Apps
.RDG RDCman Config File Microsoft Free RDG Apps
.RDI Red Dragon ISecure Settings File Blue Mist Injector Free RDI Apps
.RDI Rohos Disk Image File Tesline-Service Free RDI Apps
.RDL MicroStation Redline File Bentley Systems Free RDL Apps
.RDLC Visual Studio Client Report Definition File Microsoft Free RDLC Apps
.RDLX Power View Project File Microsoft Free RDLX Apps
.RDO Xerox Rawster Document Object File Not Available Free RDO Apps
.RDOC Ruby Document Not Available Free RDOC Apps
.RDOC_OPTIONS Ruby Document Options File Not Available Free RDOC_OPTIONS Apps
.RDP Remote Desktop Configuration File Microsoft Free RDP Apps
.RDR Remote Desktop Manager Report Settings File Devolutions Free RDR Apps
.RDS Ray Dream Studio Scene File DAZ Productions Free RDS Apps
.RDW Real-DRAW Project File MediaChance Free RDW Apps
.RDX Reflex Data File Borland Free RDX Apps
.RDZ RemoteDocs R-Viewer RemoteDocs R Viewer Free RDZ Apps
.README Readme File Not Available Free README Apps
.REALITY Reality 3D Scene Format Apple Free REALITY Apps
.REB REBOL Script File REBOL Technologies Free REB Apps
.REB Reimbursement Tracker Data File The Reimbursement Tracker Team Free REB Apps
.REC fsck Data Recovery File Not Available Free REC Apps
.REC eJuice Me Up Recipe File Breaktru Software Free REC Apps
.REC Topfield PVR Recording Topfield Free REC Apps
.RECORD GarageBand Records Audio File DaveTech Free RECORD Apps
.RED CADViewer Redline Markup File Tailor Made Software Free RED Apps
.REDIF ReDIF Template RePEc Free REDIF Apps
.REDIR Spotify Executable Redirect File Spotify Free REDIR Apps
.REF Microsoft Train Simulator Reference File Microsoft Free REF Apps
.REF IDRISI Raster Image Reference File Clark Labs Free REF Apps
.REFERENCE Budget In Brief Reference File Not Available Free REFERENCE Apps
.REFRESH Visual Studio Refresh File Microsoft Free REFRESH Apps
.REG Registration Information File Not Available Free REG Apps
.REG Registry File Microsoft Free REG Apps
.REGLNK Registry Editor Shortcut File Not Available Free REGLNK Apps
.REGTRANS-MS Registry Transaction Log File Microsoft Free REGTRANS-MS Apps
.REL Relocatable Module File Nintendo Free REL Apps
.REL Norton Internet Security Log File Symantec Free REL Apps
.RELOC Windows EXE Relocation Section File Microsoft Free RELOC Apps
.RELS Open Office XML Relationships File Microsoft Free RELS Apps
.REM BlackBerry Encrypted Data File Research In Motion Free REM Apps
.REP X-Plane Replay File Laminar Research Free REP Apps
.REP Grand Theft Auto Replay File Rockstar Games Free REP Apps
.REP StarCraft Replay File Blizzard Entertainment Free REP Apps
.REPLAY Fortnite Replay File Epic Games Free REPLAY Apps
.REPP Repp Ransomware Encrypted File Not Available Free REPP Apps
.REQ SSL Certificate Request File Not Available Free REQ Apps
.REQ Canon SD Card Version Request File Canon Free REQ Apps
.RES Valve Resource File Valve Free RES Apps
.RES Star Wars KotOR Save Resources File LucasArts Free RES Apps
.RES C++ Complied Resource Script Not Available Free RES Apps
.RES Windows Resource File Embarcadero Technologies Free RES Apps
.RES Godot Engine Resource File Godot Free RES Apps
.RESJSON Windows JavaScript Resources File Microsoft Free RESJSON Apps
.RESMONCFG Resource Monitor Configuration File Microsoft Free RESMONCFG Apps
.RESOURCES Visual Studio Resource File Microsoft Free RESOURCES Apps
.RESS Unity 3D Model Archive Unity Technologies Free RESS Apps
.RESW Windows Resources File Microsoft Free RESW Apps
.RESX .NET Managed Resources File Microsoft Free RESX Apps
.RET BusinessObjects Template SAP Free RET Apps
.REV LiveCode Plugin RunRev Free REV Apps
.REV RAR Recovery Volume Set RARLAB Free REV Apps
.REX Rexx Source File Not Available Free REX Apps
.REX ReCycle Loop File Propellerhead Software Free REX Apps
.REXX Rexx Source File Not Available Free REXX Apps
.REZ FirstClass Resource File OpenText Free REZ Apps
.REZ Escape Velocity Plug-in File Ambrosia Free REZ Apps
.REZ Lithtech Game Engine Resource File Monolith Free REZ Apps
.RF1 Retirement Forecast File Not Available Free RF1 Apps
.RFA Revit Family File Autodesk Free RFA Apps
.RFA Battlefield 1942 Game Package Electronic Arts Free RFA Apps
.RFB RoboForm Bookmark File Siber Systems Free RFB Apps
.RFC RoboForm Contact File Siber Systems Free RFC Apps
.RFC Ravenfield Content File SteelRaven7 Free RFC Apps
.RFD Recogniform Form Designer File Recogniform Technologies Free RFD Apps
.RFD Emperor: Battle for Dune Data File Westwood Studios Free RFD Apps
.RFGS_PC Red Faction: Guerilla Saved Game File Volition Free RFGS_PC Apps
.RFL Reason ReFill Sound Bank Propellerhead Software Free RFL Apps
.RFLW Edge Reflow Data File Adobe Free RFLW Apps
.RFM rFactor Modification File Image Space Free RFM Apps
.RFN RoboForm Safenote File Siber Systems Free RFN Apps
.RFO RoboForm Option File Siber Systems Free RFO Apps
.RFP RoboForm Passcard File Siber Systems Free RFP Apps
.RFQ RoboForm SearchCard File Siber Systems Free RFQ Apps
.RFT Revisable Form Text Document IBM Free RFT Apps
.RFT RoboForm Identity File Siber Systems Free RFT Apps
.RFT Revit Family Template File Autodesk Free RFT Apps
.RFU Remote Firmware Update HP Free RFU Apps
.RFW Rockchip Firmware File Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Free RFW Apps
.RGB RGB Bitmap SGI Free RGB Apps
.RGB Q0 Image File Not Available Free RGB Apps
.RGBA RGB Bitmap SGI Free RGBA Apps
.RGD Raft Saved Game File Raft Developer Free RGD Apps
.RGE Entourage File Archive Microsoft Free RGE Apps
.RGF LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Robot Graphics File The LEGO Group Free RGF Apps
.RGMB RootsMagic Backup File RootsMagic Free RGMB Apps
.RGMC RootsMagic Genealogy Project File RootsMagic Free RGMC Apps
.RGN Garmin Regional Map File Garmin Free RGN Apps
.RGO RepliGo File Cerience Free RGO Apps
.RGP RealArcade Game Package Not Available Free RGP Apps
.RGRID RepGrid File Dr Mildred Shaw Free RGRID Apps
.RGRP Pro Tools Region Group File Avid Technology Free RGRP Apps
.RGS Registry Script Not Available Free RGS Apps
.RGSS2A RPG Maker VX RGSS Encrypted Archive Enterbrain Free RGSS2A Apps
.RGSS3A RPG Maker VX Ace RGSS Encrypted Archive Enterbrain Free RGSS3A Apps
.RGSSAD RPG Maker VX RGSS Encrypted Archive Enterbrain Free RGSSAD Apps
.RGT Relic Entertainment Game Texture File Relic Entertainment Free RGT Apps
.RHISTORY R History File The R Project for Statistical Computing Free RHISTORY Apps
.RHP Rhino Plug-in McNeel Free RHP Apps
.RHR Script Rehearser Script File Engram Free RHR Apps
.RHTML Ruby HTML Web Page Not Available Free RHTML Apps
.RIC NXT Image File The LEGO Group Free RIC Apps
.RIDL RIDL Type Library File Embarcadero Free RIDL Apps
.RIF Painter Raster Image File Corel Free RIF Apps
.RIFF Painter Raster Image Corel Free RIFF Apps
.RIG Antibody Model Rig File Hidden Temple Studios Free RIG Apps
.RIG vRigger Design File Iterum Free RIG Apps
.RIM BioWare Resource Image File BioWare Free RIM Apps
.RIP Hit'n'Mix Audio Mashup File Hit'n'Mix Free RIP Apps
.RIS Research Information Systems Citation File Research Information Systems Free RIS Apps
.RISE RISE Editor Model File RISE to Bloome Software Free RISE Apps
.RIX ColoRIX Image RIX Softworks Free RIX Apps
.RJS RealJukebox Skin File RealNetworks Free RJS Apps
.RJS Ruby Javascript File Not Available Free RJS Apps
.RK WinRK File Archive M Software Free RK Apps
.RKG Mario Kart Wii Ghost Data File Nintendo Free RKG Apps
.RKP Rockchip MP4 Player Game Rockchip Free RKP Apps
.RKT Racket Source Code File PLT Inc Free RKT Apps
.RL The 7th Guest Audio Data File Trilobyte Free RL Apps
.RL R.viewer List File R LAB Free RL Apps
.RLC EDMICS 2000 EDMICS 2000 Free RLC Apps
.RLD XML Resource Lists Diff XML Resource Free RLD Apps
.RLE Golly Simulation Pattern File Golly Free RLE Apps
.RLE.GZ Golly Compressed Simulation Pattern File Golly Free RLE.GZ Apps
.RLE Run Length Encoded Bitmap Not Available Free RLE Apps
.RLF ArcGIS Report Layout File ESRI Free RLF Apps
.RLI RealWorld Graphics Layered Image RealWorld Graphics Free RLI Apps
.RLL Microsoft Resource Library Microsoft Free RLL Apps
.RLS Symbian Localization File Nokia Free RLS Apps
.RM RealMedia File RealNetworks Free RM Apps
.RMBAK Registry Mechanic Backup File PC Tools Free RMBAK Apps
.RMD R Markdown File The R Project for Statistical Computing Free RMD Apps
.RMD Reference Manager Data File Thomson Reuters Free RMD Apps
.RMD RealPlayer Media File RealNetworks Free RMD Apps
.RMD RED Metadata File RED Free RMD Apps
.RMF Hammer Rich Map Format Valve Free RMF Apps
.RMF Adobe Rights Management Document Adobe Free RMF Apps
.RMF Rich Music Format Audio File Beatnik Free RMF Apps
.RMH Rights-Managed HTML Document Microsoft Free RMH Apps
.RMI RMID MIDI File Not Available Free RMI Apps
.RMJ Real Media Jukebox Audio File RealNetworks Free RMJ Apps
.RML Elixir Report Template File Elixir Technology Free RML Apps
.RML Redline Markup Language File Autodesk Free RML Apps
.RML FTG Configuration File LG Electronics Free RML Apps
.RMM RAM Meta File RealNetworks Free RMM Apps
.RMP RealPlayer Metadata Package File RealNetworks Free RMP Apps
.RMP Magellan Raster Map File Magellan Free RMP Apps
.RMR ResumeMaker File Individual Software Free RMR Apps
.RMS Java Application Settings File Oracle Free RMS Apps
.RMS Secure Real Media File RealNetworks Free RMS Apps
.RMSKIN Rainmeter Skin File The Rainmeter Team Free RMSKIN Apps
.RMT Raster Music Tracker Song File Radek Sterba Free RMT Apps
.RMT Router Firmware File Not Available Free RMT Apps
.RMUF Alpha Five Runtime License File Alpha Software Free RMUF Apps
.RMV Radical Entertainment Video File Radical Entertainment Free RMV Apps
.RMVB RealMedia Variable Bit Rate File RealNetworks Free RMVB Apps
.RMX RealJukebox Format RealNetworks Free RMX Apps
.RMX Reference Manager Index File Thomson Reuters Free RMX Apps
.RNC RELAX NG Compact Syntax File Not Available Free RNC Apps
.RNC RNC ProPack Archive RNC Free RNC Apps
.RND PGP Random Seed File PGP Free RND Apps
.RND Random Hash Data File Not Available Free RND Apps
.RNG RELAX NG File Not Available Free RNG Apps
.RNG Nokia Composer Ringtone Not Available Free RNG Apps
.RNQ Renque Model File Not Available Free RNQ Apps
.RNS Reason Song File Propellerhead Software Free RNS Apps
.RNX RealPlayer Settings File RealNetworks Free RNX Apps
.ROADTRIP Road Trip Planner File Modesitt Software Free ROADTRIP Apps
.ROCA RIB office Compressed Archive RIB Software Free ROCA Apps
.ROCK Rockbox Plug-in Rockbox Free ROCK Apps
.ROD Actuate Report Object Design File Actuate Free ROD Apps
.ROD RIB office Database File RIB Software Free ROD Apps
.ROD Ancestry Genealogical Database File Nethar Free ROD Apps
.RODL RemObjects Definition Language File RemObjects Free RODL Apps
.RODX Ancestry Genealogical Database File Nethar Free RODX Apps
.RODZ Ancestry Genealogical Database File Nethar Free RODZ Apps
.ROFL League of Legends Replay File Riot Games Free ROFL Apps
.ROG Roger 2 Input Data File Not Available Free ROG Apps
.ROI Shark Sales System Data File Shark Finesse Free ROI Apps
.ROI Report Object Instance Actuate Free ROI Apps
.ROL Ad Lib Synthesized Instrument Not Available Free ROL Apps
.ROM Read Only Memory Image Not Available Free ROM Apps
.ROM Killing Floor Map File Tripwire Interactive Free ROM Apps
.ROM N64 Game ROM File Not Available Free ROM Apps
.ROQ Id Software Game Video Id Software Free ROQ Apps
.ROS BattleScribe Roster Editor File Jonathan Taylor Free ROS Apps
.ROT Homeworld 2 Graphics File Sierra Entertainment Free ROT Apps
.ROTEST RemObjects SDK Test File RemObjects Free ROTEST Apps
.ROTESTRESULT RemObjects SDK Test Results File RemObjects Free ROTESTRESULT Apps
.ROU Gerber Route File Not Available Free ROU Apps
.ROV Report Object Variable Not Available Free ROV Apps
.ROX Roxio Project File Sonic Solutions Free ROX Apps
.ROX Actuate Report Object Executable File Actuate Free ROX Apps
.ROXIO Roxio Project Sonic Solutions Free ROXIO Apps
.ROZ aSc TimeTables Schedule File aSc Applied Software Consultants Free ROZ Apps
.RP Axure RP Project File Axure Software Solutions Free RP Apps
.RP RealPix Clip RealNetworks Free RP Apps
.RP2 RetroPlatform Player Program Archive Cloanto Free RP2 Apps
.RP9 RetroPlatform Disk Image Archive Cloanto Free RP9 Apps
.RPA RIB Project Archive File RIB Software Free RPA Apps
.RPB Radmin Phonebook File Famatech Free RPB Apps
.RPC Rich Page Content Document Synthrone Free RPC Apps
.RPD Roleplay Designer Data File Hand Multimedia Free RPD Apps
.RPD RIB Project Database File RIB Software Free RPD Apps
.RPE OPC Router Configuration 4 Project inray Industries Free RPE Apps
.RPF Grand Theft Auto Data File Rockstar Games Free RPF Apps
.RPF Rich Pixel Format File Not Available Free RPF Apps
.RPGMVM RPG Maker MV Encrypted M4A File Enterbrain Free RPGMVM Apps
.RPGMVO RPG Maker MV Encrypted OGG File Enterbrain Free RPGMVO Apps
.RPGMVP RPG Maker MV Encrypted PNG File Enterbrain Free RPGMVP Apps
.RPGPROJECT RPG Maker MV Project Enterbrain Free RPGPROJECT Apps
.RPGSAVE RPG Maker MV Save File Enterbrain Free RPGSAVE Apps
.RPI Render Plug-in Not Available Free RPI Apps
.RPJ Real Pac Batch Job File Uni Comp Free RPJ Apps
.RPK RadLight Media Player Skin RadLight Free RPK Apps
.RPKG Hitman Game Patch Archive IO Interactive Free RPKG Apps
.RPL Special Force Replay DF Interactive Free RPL Apps
.RPL Toribash Replay File Nabi Studios Free RPL Apps
.RPLIB Axure RP Widget Library File Axure Software Solutions Free RPLIB Apps
.RPLN InDesign Required Plug-in File Adobe Free RPLN Apps
.RPM Red Hat Package Manager File Red Hat Free RPM Apps
.RPM RealPlayer Plug-in RealNetworks Free RPM Apps
.RPMSG Outlook Restricted Permission Message Microsoft Free RPMSG Apps
.RPP REAPER Project File Cockos Free RPP Apps
.RPPRJ Axure RP Shared Project File Axure Software Solutions Free RPPRJ Apps
.RPRES R Presentation File The R Project for Statistical Computing Free RPRES Apps
.RPROJ R Project The R Project for Statistical Computing Free RPROJ Apps
.RPS 3ds Max Render Preset Settings Autodesk Free RPS Apps
.RPSS Nokia Radio Application - Preset Nokia Radio Free RPSS Apps
.RPST Nokia Radio Application - Preset Nokia Radio Free RPST Apps
.RPT Generic Report Not Available Free RPT Apps
.RPT AccountEdge Report Acclivity Group Free RPT Apps
.RPT Crystal Reports File SAP Free RPT Apps
.RPTR Crystal Reports Read-Only File SAP Free RPTR Apps
.RPTR RafflePrinter Document RafflePrinter com Free RPTR Apps
.RPV RealPlayer Visualization File RealNetworks Free RPV Apps
.RPX Wii U Game Not Available Free RPX Apps
.RPX Report XML File Not Available Free RPX Apps
.RPY Ren'Py Script Ren'Py Free RPY Apps
.RPY Touhou Project Replay File Team Shanghai Alice Free RPY Apps
.RPY Python Script Not Available Free RPY Apps
.RPYB Ren'Py Bytecode File Ren'Py Free RPYB Apps
.RPYC Ren'Py Compiled Script Ren'Py Free RPYC Apps
.RQ SPARQL - Query SPARQL Free RQ Apps
.RRA vRigger Rigging Gear File Iterum Free RRA Apps
.RRD Reduced Resolution Dataset File Not Available Free RRD Apps
.RRI RealWorld Image RealWorld Graphics Free RRI Apps
.RRR Rhapzodé Resource Repository altaVENTE Free RRR Apps
.RRR Registry Mechanic Backup File PC Tools Free RRR Apps
.RRT Rhapzode Resource Template Alta Vente Free RRT Apps
.RS Rust Source Code File Not Available Free RS Apps
.RS Sun Raster Graphic Sun Microsystems Free RS Apps
.RS RapidSketch Document Utilant Free RS Apps
.RS Windows Rating System File Microsoft Free RS Apps
.RS2 RailSim2 Saved Layout File RailSim2 Free RS2 Apps
.RSA Minecraft JAR Codesign File Mojang Free RSA Apps
.RSA RSA Certificate File Not Available Free RSA Apps
.RSB Red Storm Bitmap File Ubisoft Entertainment Free RSB Apps
.RSC Symbian Application Compiled Resource File Nokia Free RSC Apps
.RSD Rosetta Stone Data File Rosetta Stone Free RSD Apps
.RSD RealSQLDatabase File REAL Free RSD Apps
.RSDF RapidShare Download File RapidShare Free RSDF Apps
.RSDK Retro SDK Archive Christian Whitehead Free RSDK Apps
.RSF LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Robot Sound File The LEGO Group Free RSF Apps
.RSF Recovery State File EaseUS Free RSF Apps
.RSF Riky's Soft Document Riky's Soft Free RSF Apps
.RSG RaySupreme Graph BrainDistrict GmbH Free RSG Apps
.RSM ARIS Report Script Model File Software AG Free RSM Apps
.RSM WinWay Resume Deluxe Resume File WinWay Free RSM Apps
.RSM RouterSim Network Visualizer File RouterSim Free RSM Apps
.RSN Reason Project File Propellerhead Free RSN Apps
.RSO NXT Brick Audio File The LEGO Group Free RSO Apps
.RSO ARIS Report Script Object File Software AG Free RSO Apps
.RSP RSLogix PLC Program File Rockwell Automation Free RSP Apps
.RSP C# Compiler Response File Microsoft Free RSP Apps
.RSR Poser Model Preview File Smith Micro Free RSR Apps
.RSRC Macintosh Resource File Apple Free RSRC Apps
.RSS Rich Site Summary Not Available Free RSS Apps
.RSS Symbian Application Resource File Nokia Free RSS Apps
.RSS RAM Structural System Model File Bentley Systems Free RSS Apps
.RST IDRISI Raster Image Clark Labs Free RST Apps
.RST reStructuredText File Not Available Free RST Apps
.RSV RSView32 Project File Rockwell Automation Free RSV Apps
.RSW R&R SQL Report Writer Report File Not Available Free RSW Apps
.RSX RED Metadata XML File RED Free RSX Apps
.RT RealText Streaming Text File RealNetworks Free RT Apps
.RTA TrueRTA Project File True Audio Free RTA Apps
.RTA RoboHelp RTA Data File Adobe Free RTA Apps
.RTC Live Meeting Connection File Microsoft Free RTC Apps
.RTD RagTime Document RagTime Free RTD Apps
.RTD Robot Structural Analysis Design File Autodesk Free RTD Apps
.RTE RTE Encoded File Not Available Free RTE Apps
.RTE Navigation Route Not Available Free RTE Apps
.RTE Revit Project Template Autodesk Free RTE Apps
.RTF Rich Text Format File Microsoft Free RTF Apps
.RTFD Rich Text Format Directory File Apple Free RTFD Apps
.RTI Raster Music Tracker Instrument File Radek Sterba Free RTI Apps
.RTI Real Tracker Instrument Not Available Free RTI Apps
.RTL Raster Transfer Language File HP Free RTL Apps
.RTM Real Tracker Module Not Available Free RTM Apps
.RTM LabVIEW Run-Time Menu File National Instruments Free RTM Apps
.RTON Plants vs Zombies 2 Data File PopCap Games Free RTON Apps
.RTP TurboTax Update File Not Available Free RTP Apps
.RTP Gromacs Residue Topology Parameter File Gromacs Free RTP Apps
.RTS Royal TS Remote Connection File code4ward Free RTS Apps
.RTS Real Tracker Sample Not Available Free RTS Apps
.RTS RealPlayer Streaming Media RealNetworks Free RTS Apps
.RTS QuickTime Real-Time Streaming Format Apple Free RTS Apps
.RTSTN Audials Station File Audials Free RTSTN Apps
.RTTEX Robinson Technologies Texture File Seth A Robinson Free RTTEX Apps
.RTTTL Ring Tone Transfer Language File Nokia Free RTTTL Apps
.RTWSH Radiotracker Wishlist File Audials Free RTWSH Apps
.RTX Rich Text Document Not Available Free RTX Apps
.RU Java Russian Font Properties File Not Available Free RU Apps
.RUEL Revo Uninstaller Pro Log VS Revo Group Free RUEL Apps
.RUF Samsung DVD and Blu-ray Player Firmware File Samsung Free RUF Apps
.RUL InstallShield Rules File Flexera Software Free RUL Apps
.RULESET Visual Studio Code Analysis Rule Set File Microsoft Free RULESET Apps
.RUM Bink Video Subtitle File RAD Game Tools Free RUM Apps
.RUN Rune Map File Human Head Studios Free RUN Apps
.RUN Linux Executable File Not Available Free RUN Apps
.RUN Runscanner Scan File Runscanner Free RUN Apps
.RUPAF Revo Uninstaller Pro Activation File VS Revo Group Free RUPAF Apps
.RV RealVideo File RealNetworks Free RV Apps
.RVDATA RPG Maker VX Data File Enterbrain Free RVDATA Apps
.RVDATA2 RPG Maker VX Ace Data File Enterbrain Free RVDATA2 Apps
.RVF RichView Format File Sergey Tkachenko Free RVF Apps
.RVG RVG X-ray Image Kodak Free RVG Apps
.RVID Snapz Pro X Recorded Video File Ambrosia Software Free RVID Apps
.RVL Adobe Revel Library File Adobe Free RVL Apps
.RVL muvee Reveal X Project File muvee Free RVL Apps
.RVP Sharp Blu-ray Player Firmware File Sharp Electronics Free RVP Apps
.RVPROJ RPG Maker VX Project File Enterbrain Free RVPROJ Apps
.RVPROJ2 RPG Maker VX Ace Project File Enterbrain Free RVPROJ2 Apps
.RVT Revit Project File Autodesk Free RVT Apps
.RVX Real Protected Video File RealNetworks Free RVX Apps
.RW2 Panasonic RAW Image Panasonic Free RW2 Apps
.RW3 RapidWeaver 3 Site File Realmac Software Free RW3 Apps
.RWD Microsoft Flight Simulator Rewards File Microsoft Free RWD Apps
.RWD NRG Raw Wind Data File NRG Systems Free RWD Apps
.RWG Random Word Generator Project File Gammadyne Free RWG Apps
.RWL Leica RAW Image Leica Free RWL Apps
.RWLIBRARY Paperless Receipt Library Mariner Software Free RWLIBRARY Apps
.RWP RapidWeaver Package Realmac Software Free RWP Apps
.RWPLUGIN RapidWeaver Plugin Realmac Softwaree Free RWPLUGIN Apps
.RWS RenderWare Stream File Criterion Software Free RWS Apps
.RWS RimWorld Game Save File Ludeon Studios Free RWS Apps
.RWS Retina Wireless Scanner File eEye Digital Security Free RWS Apps
.RWSNIPPET RapidWeaver Snippet File Realmac Software Free RWSNIPPET Apps
.RWSTYLE RapidWeaver Style File Realmac Software Free RWSTYLE Apps
.RWSW RapidWeaver Site File Realmac Software Free RWSW Apps
.RWT ReadWriteThink Timeline International Reading Association Free RWT Apps
.RWT ReadWriteThink Printing Press Draft International Reading Association Free RWT Apps
.RWTHEME RapidWeaver Theme Realmac Software Free RWTHEME Apps
.RWZ Outlook Rules Wizard File Microsoft Free RWZ Apps
.RWZ Rawzor Compressed Image Rawzor Free RWZ Apps
.RX2 REX2 Audio File Propellerhead Software Free RX2 Apps
.RXC Roxio Certificate File Sonic Solutions Free RXC Apps
.RXDATA RMXP Data File Not Available Free RXDATA Apps
.RXE Lego Mindstorms NXT Executable Program The LEGO Group Free RXE Apps
.RZ Rzip Compressed File Not Available Free RZ Apps
.RZB Red Zion Book File Red Zion Free RZB Apps
.RZK File Crypt Password File Red Zion Free RZK Apps
.RZK Red Zion Key File Red Zion Free RZK Apps
.RZN Red Zion Notes File Red Zion Free RZN Apps
.RZS Red Zion Security File Red Zion Free RZS Apps
.RZX File Crypt Encrypted File Red Zion Free RZX Apps
Extension File Type Developer Free Apps

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