File Formtas Starts with Letter V

List of all File Formats begins with letter V from the JeDok file types database.

Extension File Type Developer Free Apps
.V Coq Source Code File ADT Coq Free V Apps
.V Verilog Source Code File Accellera Free V Apps
.V Subsampled Raw YUV Image Not Available Free V Apps
.V11.SUO Visual Studio 2012 Solution User Options File Microsoft Free V11.SUO Apps
.V12 All The Right Type Database File Ingenuity Works Free V12 Apps
.V12.SUO Visual Studio 2013 Solution User Options File Microsoft Free V12.SUO Apps
.V264 v264 IPROBOT3 Video File Tenvis Free V264 Apps
.V2I Norton Ghost Virtual Volume Image Symantec Free V2I Apps
.V2M V2 Synthesizer Audio File Farbrausch Free V2M Apps
.V3D Visual3D.NET Data File Realmware Free V3D Apps
.V3O Emergency 3 and 4 Model File Sixteen Tons Entertainment Free V3O Apps
.V3V Vector Art 3D Model File Vector Art 3D Free V3V Apps
.V64 Nintendo 64 ROM Dump Not Available Free V64 Apps
.VAC Oc2.316s Cakit File Not Available Free VAC Apps
.VAC MikuMikuDance Accessory Settings File MikuMikuDance Free VAC Apps
.VAG PlayStation Compressed Sound File Sony Free VAG Apps
.VAL Olympus Voice Recording Not Available Free VAL Apps
.VAL Valodas Dictionary File Valodas Free VAL Apps
.VAL Values List dataBased Intelligence Free VAL Apps
.VALA Vala Source Code File The GNOME Project Free VALA Apps
.VAP Dialogic Indexed Voice Audio File Dialogic Free VAP Apps
.VAPORCD Norum Vapor CD Not Available Free VAPORCD Apps
.VAR Variable Data Not Available Free VAR Apps
.VAULT Fontcase Vault File Bohemian Coding Free VAULT Apps
.VB Grand Theft Auto Audio File Rockstar Games Free VB Apps
.VB Virtual Boy ROM File Not Available Free VB Apps
.VB Visual Basic Project Item File Microsoft Free VB Apps
.VBC VodBurner Crude Video File Netralia Free VBC Apps
.VBD Visual Basic ActiveX Document Microsoft Free VBD Apps
.VBE VBScript Encoded Script File Microsoft Free VBE Apps
.VBF City Interactive Game Data File City Interactive Free VBF Apps
.VBG Visual Basic Project Group File Not Available Free VBG Apps
.VBHTML ASP.NET Razor Web Page Microsoft Free VBHTML Apps
.VBK VitalSource eBook Vital Source Technologies Free VBK Apps
.VBK Veeam Backup File Veeam Software Free VBK Apps
.VBM Veeam Backup Metadata File Veeam Software Free VBM Apps
.VBOX Oracle VM VirtualBox Settings File Oracle Free VBOX Apps
.VBOX-EXTPACK Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack Oracle Free VBOX-EXTPACK Apps
.VBOX-PREV Oracle VM VirtualBox Settings Backup File Oracle Free VBOX-PREV Apps
.VBP Visual Basic Project File Microsoft Free VBP Apps
.VBPF1 Virtual Business - Personal Finance Data File Knowledge Matters Free VBPF1 Apps
.VBPROJ Visual Studio Visual Basic Project Microsoft Free VBPROJ Apps
.VBR GIMP Parametric Brush File GIMP Free VBR Apps
.VBS VBScript File Microsoft Free VBS Apps
.VBSCRIPT Visual Basic Script Not Available Free VBSCRIPT Apps
.VBT Spyware Doctor Temporary Scan File PC Tools Free VBT Apps
.VBT iAntiVirus Temporary Scan File PC Tools Free VBT Apps
.VBW Visual Basic Workspace File Microsoft Free VBW Apps
.VBX Visual Basic Custom Control Microsoft Free VBX Apps
.VBX6SETTINGS VirusBarrier X6 Settings File Intego Free VBX6SETTINGS Apps
.VBZ Visual Basic Project Template Not Available Free VBZ Apps
.VC Verge Code File Verge Free VC Apps
.VC1 VC-1 Video File Microsoft Free VC1 Apps
.VC3 VSampler Soundbank File MAZ Sound Tools Free VC3 Apps
.VC4 Visual C++ 4 File Microsoft Free VC4 Apps
.VC4 Virtual CD Disc Image H+H Software Free VC4 Apps
.VC6 Virtual CD 6 CD Image H+H Software Free VC6 Apps
.VC8 Virtual CD 8 Disc Image H+H Software Free VC8 Apps
.VCD Valve Choreography Data File Valve Free VCD Apps
.VCD FarStone Virtual Drive Not Available Free VCD Apps
.VCD Value Change Dump File Not Available Free VCD Apps
.VCD Virtual CD H+H Free VCD Apps
.VCE Yamaha Voice File Yamaha Free VCE Apps
.VCE Visual CertExam Exam File Visual CertExam Free VCE Apps
.VCF vCard File Not Available Free VCF Apps
.VCG Groove - Vcard Groove Free VCG Apps
.VCM Vice City Mod Manager File LithJoe Free VCM Apps
.VCO Virtual CD Collection File H+H Software Free VCO Apps
.VCOMPS V-Comp Setup File Verity Software House Free VCOMPS Apps
.VCP eMbedded Visual C++ Project File Microsoft Free VCP Apps
.VCP Casio ClassPad Data File Casio Free VCP Apps
.VCPF VideoConvert Project File Sonic Solutions Free VCPF Apps
.VCPREF Norton Antivirus Preferences File Symantec Free VCPREF Apps
.VCPROJ Visual C++ Project File Microsoft Free VCPROJ Apps
.VCR ATI Video Card Recording ATI Technologies Free VCR Apps
.VCRD Windows Vault Credentials File Microsoft Free VCRD Apps
.VCS vCalendar Event File Not Available Free VCS Apps
.VCT VISE Installer Project MindVision Software Free VCT Apps
.VCT IDRISI Vector Image Clark Labs Free VCT Apps
.VCT Visual Class Library Memo Not Available Free VCT Apps
.VCV ViewCave Video File ViewCave International Free VCV Apps
.VCW eMbedded Visual C++ Workspace File Microsoft Free VCW Apps
.VCX Visual Fox Pro Class Library Microsoft Free VCX Apps
.VCX Virtual Disc Definition File H+H Software Free VCX Apps
.VCXITEMS VC++ Project Items File Microsoft Free VCXITEMS Apps
.VCXPROJ Visual C++ Project Microsoft Free VCXPROJ Apps
.VDA Targa Bitmap Image File Not Available Free VDA Apps
.VDATA Vaulty Vault File Squid Tooth Free VDATA Apps
.VDB Symantec Virus Database File Symantec Free VDB Apps
.VDB OpenVDB Volume Database File DreamWorks Animation Free VDB Apps
.VDC IDRISI Vector Documentation File Clark Labs Free VDC Apps
.VDF Gothic Game Data File Piranha Bytes Free VDF Apps
.VDF Valve Data File Valve Free VDF Apps
.VDF VirtualDub Video Filter VirtualDub Free VDF Apps
.VDF AntiVir Virus Definitions File Avira Operations Free VDF Apps
.VDI Virtuo CD Manager Disk Image Not Available Free VDI Apps
.VDI VirtualBox Virtual Disk Image Oracle Free VDI Apps
.VDI StepMania Debug Resource File StepMania Free VDI Apps
.VDJ VirtualDJ Audio Sample File Atomix Productions Free VDJ Apps
.VDJSEND VirtualDJ Send File Atomix Productions Free VDJSEND Apps
.VDM VEDIT Macro File Greenview Data Free VDM Apps
.VDM VDM Specification File VDM Free VDM Apps
.VDO Heathen Virus File Not Available Free VDO Apps
.VDO VDOLive Media File Not Available Free VDO Apps
.VDP Visual Studio Deployment Project Microsoft Free VDP Apps
.VDPROJ Visual Studio Setup and Deployment Project Microsoft Free VDPROJ Apps
.VDR VirtualDub Signpost File Avery Lee Free VDR Apps
.VDW Visio Web Drawing Microsoft Free VDW Apps
.VDX Visio Drawing XML File Microsoft Free VDX Apps
.VDX The 7th Guest Video File Trilobyte Free VDX Apps
.VEC CX-Designer Shape File OMRON Free VEC Apps
.VEC IDRISI Vector File IDRISI Free VEC Apps
.VEC Vectrex Game ROM File Not Available Free VEC Apps
.VEC Orbiter Vector Map File Martin Schweiger Free VEC Apps
.VEG VEGAS Video Project MAGIX Free VEG Apps
.VEG Vue Vegetation file E-on Software Free VEG Apps
.VEH Vehicle File Raven Software Free VEH Apps
.VEM Meta Media Video E-Mail File Meta Media Free VEM Apps
.VEM Virtual Expander Compressed File Sony Free VEM Apps
.VEP AVS Video Editor Project File Online Media Technologies Free VEP Apps
.VER Version Record Not Available Free VER Apps
.VERT Vertex Shader File OpenGL Free VERT Apps
.VET Lectra Cutter's Must File Lectra Free VET Apps
.VEXE Virus Executable File Not Available Free VEXE Apps
.VF VEGAS Movie Studio Project File MAGIX Free VF Apps
.VFB FontLab Studio Font File FontLab Free VFB Apps
.VFC VentaFax Cover Page File Venta Association Free VFC Apps
.VFD Virtual Floppy Disk Microsoft Free VFD Apps
.VFF Wii Virtual Fat Filesystem File Not Available Free VFF Apps
.VFF Sun TAAC Graphic File Sun Microsystems Free VFF Apps
.VFS Animated Slide File Not Available Free VFS Apps
.VFS Virtual File System Index Not Available Free VFS Apps
.VFS VentaFax Schedule File Venta Association Free VFS Apps
.VFS0 Metro 2033 Sound File 4A Games Free VFS0 Apps
.VFT VideoStudio Filter File Corel Free VFT Apps
.VFW Video for Windows Microsoft Free VFW Apps
.VFZ Creative Webcam Video Effects File Creative Technology Free VFZ Apps
.VGA VGA Display Driver Not Available Free VGA Apps
.VGC ViziGen Code Generation Template ViziGen Free VGC Apps
.VGD Generic CADD VGA Driver Not Available Free VGD Apps
.VGI Vista Game Explorer Editor Game File Vista Game Explorer Editor Free VGI Apps
.VGM Video Game Music File Not Available Free VGM Apps
.VGZ Video Game Music Compressed File Not Available Free VGZ Apps
.VGZ DigitalVDO Compressed Video File Chateau Technical Corp Free VGZ Apps
.VHD Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk Microsoft Free VHD Apps
.VHD VHDL Source File Not Available Free VHD Apps
.VHDL VHDL Source File Not Available Free VHDL Apps
.VHDX Windows 8 Virtual Hard Drive File Microsoft Free VHDX Apps
.VHV Valve Source Lighting File Valve Free VHV Apps
.VI LabVIEW Virtual Instrument File National Instruments Free VI Apps
.VIBE VibePlayer Haptic File SensationSoft Free VIBE Apps
.VIC ViziGen Code Import Mappings File ViziGen Free VIC Apps
.VIC VICAR Image Not Available Free VIC Apps
.VICAR VICAR Image File NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Free VICAR Apps
.VID Generic Video File Not Available Free VID Apps
.VIDEO aTube Catcher Video File DsNET Free VIDEO Apps
.VIEWLET Qarbon Viewlet Qarbon Free VIEWLET Apps
.VIFF Visualization Image File Format AccuSoft Pegasus Free VIFF Apps
.VIIVO Viivo Encrypted File PKWARE Free VIIVO Apps
.VIM Vim Settings File Not Available Free VIM Apps
.VIMRC Vim Runtime Configuration File Not Available Free VIMRC Apps
.VIP Stitch Pattern File VSM Group Free VIP Apps
.VIP Virtual Instrument Package JKI Free VIP Apps
.VIP MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio Project MAGIX Free VIP Apps
.VIR Virus-Infected File Symantec Free VIR Apps
.VIS Visibility Image File Not Available Free VIS Apps
.VIS Visual Importer Script DB Software Laboratory Free VIS Apps
.VISUAL World of Tanks 3D Model Surface File BigWorld Technology Free VISUAL Apps
.VISUAL_PROCESSED World of Tanks 3D Model Surface File BigWorld Technology Free VISUAL_PROCESSED Apps
.VIV PlayStation Video File Sony Free VIV Apps
.VIV Need for Speed Car Archive Electronic Arts Free VIV Apps
.VIV VivoActive Video File RealNetworks Free VIV Apps
.VIVO VivoActive Video File RealNetworks Free VIVO Apps
.VIX Lightworks Video Index File EditShare Free VIX Apps
.VIZ Avee Player Visualizer Template Daaw Aww Free VIZ Apps
.VJP Visual Studio J++ Project Microsoft Free VJP Apps
.VJSPROJ Visual Studio J# Project Microsoft Free VJSPROJ Apps
.VLAB VisionLab Studio Project File Not Available Free VLAB Apps
.VLC VLC Playlist VideoLAN Free VLC Apps
.VLCL VMware Localization File VMware Free VLCL Apps
.VLE Virtual Labs Electricity Circuit File Riverdeep Interactive Learning Free VLE Apps
.VLG VentaFax Logbook File Venta Association Free VLG Apps
.VLP LiveSite Project Valadeo Free VLP Apps
.VLT VLC Media Player Skin File VideoLAN Free VLT Apps
.VLT WinVault File Archive WinVault Free VLT Apps
.VLW Processing Font File Processing Free VLW Apps
.VLX Compiled AutoLISP File Autodesk Free VLX Apps
.VM Velocity Template Apache Free VM Apps
.VMAC VMware Configuration File VMware Free VMAC Apps
.VMAP Valve Source 2 Uncompiled Map File Valve Free VMAP Apps
.VMAP_C Valve Source 2 Compiled Map File Valve Free VMAP_C Apps
.VMBA VMware Configuration File VMware Free VMBA Apps
.VMC Windows Virtual Machine Configuration File Microsoft Free VMC Apps
.VMCX Virtual Machine Shell Information File Microsoft Free VMCX Apps
.VMCZ Hyper-V Compressed Virtual Machine Microsoft Free VMCZ Apps
.VMD Covox Raw Sample Not Available Free VMD Apps
.VMD Vocaloid Motion Data File MikuMikuDance Free VMD Apps
.VMDK Virtual Machine Disk File VMware Free VMDK Apps
.VMDK-CONVERTTMP VMWare Fusion Temporary File VMWare Free VMDK-CONVERTTMP Apps
.VMDL Valve Source 2 Model File Valve Free VMDL Apps
.VMF Valve Map File Valve Free VMF Apps
.VMF_AUTOSAVE Valve Hammer Editor Autosave File Valve Free VMF_AUTOSAVE Apps
.VMF Covox Speech Thing Sample Not Available Free VMF Apps
.VMF Vocaltec Media File Not Available Free VMF Apps
.VMG Nokia Text Message Nokia Free VMG Apps
.VMHF VMware Hot Fix File VMware Free VMHF Apps
.VMHR VMware Hot Fix Request File VMware Free VMHR Apps
.VML Vector Markup Language File Microsoft Free VML Apps
.VMLF VAIO Video File Sony Free VMLF Apps
.VMLT VAIO Video File Sony Free VMLT Apps
.VMO Siemens Voice Memo File Siemens Free VMO Apps
.VMO Virtools Media Object File Dassault Systemes Free VMO Apps
.VMPL VMware Policy File VMware Free VMPL Apps
.VMSD VMware Snapshot Metadata File vmsd Free VMSD Apps
.VMSG VMware Application Message File VMware Free VMSG Apps
.VMSN VMware Snapshot State File VMware Free VMSN Apps
.VMSS VMware Suspended State File VMware Free VMSS Apps
.VMT Valve Material File Valve Free VMT Apps
.VMT VMware Configuration File VMware Free VMT Apps
.VMTM VMware Team Data File VMware Free VMTM Apps
.VMV VirtuaNES Recording VirtuaNES Free VMV Apps
.VMV VisualBoyAdvance Recording VisualBoyAdvance Free VMV Apps
.VMWAREVM VMware Fusion Virtual Machine VMware Free VMWAREVM Apps
.VMX Cubase Mixer Settings File Not Available Free VMX Apps
.VMX Valve Map Backup File Valve Free VMX Apps
.VMX VMware Configuration File VMware Free VMX Apps
.VMXF VMware Team Member File VMware Free VMXF Apps
.VNC VNC Configuration File Not Available Free VNC Apps
.VNCLOC Screen Sharing VNC Internet Location Apple Free VNCLOC Apps
.VND Type3 Design File Vision Numeric Free VND Apps
.VNF Vision Numeric Font Vision Numeric Free VNF Apps
.VNI Dell Webcam Central Application Configuration File Dell Free VNI Apps
.VNT Mobile Phone vNote File Sony Ericsson Free VNT Apps
.VOB Live for Speed Car File Live for Speed Free VOB Apps
.VOB DVD Video Object File Not Available Free VOB Apps
.VOB Vue Objects File E-on Software Free VOB Apps
.VOC Creative Labs Audio File Creative Labs Free VOC Apps
.VOC RCA Voice Recorder File RCA Free VOC Apps
.VOCA PhotoVOCA Communication Board File Cognable Free VOCA Apps
.VOI Voyetra Voice File Voyetra Free VOI Apps
.VOK PocketVok Vocabulary File hfrmobile Free VOK Apps
.VOL Volfs File System Directory Not Available Free VOL Apps
.VOL Video Game Archive Not Available Free VOL Apps
.VOLARCHIVE CopyCatX Volume Archive SubRosaSoft com Free VOLARCHIVE Apps
.VOR StarOffice Template Sun Microsystem Free VOR Apps
.VOX Dialogic Voice Audio File Dialogic Free VOX Apps
.VOX Voxlap Voxel Model File Ken Silverman Free VOX Apps
.VOXAL Voxal Project File NCH Software Free VOXAL Apps
.VOXB Voxler Network File Golden Software Free VOXB Apps
.VP Volition Package File Descent Network Team Free VP Apps
.VP Ventura Publication File Corel Free VP Apps
.VP Verilog Encrypted Source Code File Accellera Free VP Apps
.VP Vertex Program File OpenGL Free VP Apps
.VP3 On2 Streaming Video File On2 Technologies Free VP3 Apps
.VP6 TrueMotion VP6 Video File On2 Technologies Free VP6 Apps
.VP7 TrueMotion VP7 Video File On2 Technologies Free VP7 Apps
.VPA VPchat Chat Gestures File Halsoft Free VPA Apps
.VPC ViziGen Configuration File ViziGen Free VPC Apps
.VPC6 Virtual Machine Package Microsoft Free VPC6 Apps
.VPC7 Virtual Machine Package Microsoft Free VPC7 Apps
.VPCBACKUP Windows Virtual PC Backup File Microsoft Free VPCBACKUP Apps
.VPD MikuMikuDance Vocaloid Pose Data File MikuMikuDance Free VPD Apps
.VPD VoxPro Database File Audion Labs Free VPD Apps
.VPE Photoshop Vanishing Point Export File Adobe Free VPE Apps
.VPH VirtualPhotographer Custom Settings OptikVerve Labs Free VPH Apps
.VPJ VideoPad Video Editor Project File NCH Software Free VPJ Apps
.VPK Valve Pak Valve Free VPK Apps
.VPK PlayStation Vita Application Package Not Available Free VPK Apps
.VPL Karaoke Player Playlist vanBasco Free VPL Apps
.VPM Garmin Voice File Garmin Free VPM Apps
.VPM Vox Proxy Macro File Right Seat Software Free VPM Apps
.VPOL Windows Vault Policy File Microsoft Free VPOL Apps
.VPP VisionPro Job File Cognex Free VPP Apps
.VPP Visual Paradigm Project File Visual Paradigm Free VPP Apps
.VPR VOCALOID5 Project File YAMAHA Free VPR Apps
.VPS Virtual CD Copy Template H+H Software Free VPS Apps
.VPW VoxPro Wave File Audion Labs Free VPW Apps
.VPX Avast Virus Update File Avast Software Free VPX Apps
.VQC Virtual CD Quick Copy File H+H Software Free VQC Apps
.VQF TwinVQ Audio File Yamaha Free VQF Apps
.VR VR Studio Project File HumanEyes Free VR Apps
.VRB Veeam Incremental Backup File Veeam Software Free VRB Apps
.VRD Visio Report Definition File Microsoft Free VRD Apps
.VRF Ventrilo Audio Recording Not Available Free VRF Apps
.VRIMG V-Ray Image File Chaos Group Free VRIMG Apps
.VRL VRML Virtual World Not Available Free VRL Apps
.VRML VRML File Not Available Free VRML Apps
.VRO DVD Video Recording Format Not Available Free VRO Apps
.VRPHOTO VR Photo Image Thomas Moeller Free VRPHOTO Apps
.VRT Virtual World Superscape Free VRT Apps
.VS Vivid Include File Not Available Free VS Apps
.VS GreekToMe Verse List File Charles H King Free VS Apps
.VS Vertex Shader File Not Available Free VS Apps
.VS4 AVTECH CCTV Video Surveillance File AVTECH Free VS4 Apps
.VSCH Windows Vault Schema File Microsoft Free VSCH Apps
.VSCONTENT Visual Studio Content File Microsoft Free VSCONTENT Apps
.VSCT Visual Studio Command Table Microsoft Free VSCT Apps
.VSD Visio Drawing File Microsoft Free VSD Apps
.VSDISCO DISCO Dynamic Discovery Document Microsoft Free VSDISCO Apps
.VSDM Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing Microsoft Free VSDM Apps
.VSDX Visio Drawing Microsoft Free VSDX Apps
.VSF Viewport+ Viewport+ Free VSF Apps
.VSH VideoStudio HTML5 Project File Corel Free VSH Apps
.VSH Vertex Shader File OpenGL Free VSH Apps
.VSHOST.EXE Visual Studio Hosting Process File Microsoft Free VSHOST.EXE Apps
.VSI Visual Studio Content Installer File Microsoft Free VSI Apps
.VSIX Visual Studio Extension Microsoft Free VSIX Apps
.VSL Velocity Template File Apache Free VSL Apps
.VSL Visio Add-on Microsoft Free VSL Apps
.VSMACROS Visual Studio Binary Macro Project Microsoft Free VSMACROS Apps
.VSMDI Visual Studio Test Metadata File Microsoft Free VSMDI Apps
.VSMPROJ Visual Studio Text Macro Project Microsoft Free VSMPROJ Apps
.VSO Compiled Vertex Shader File Not Available Free VSO Apps
.VSP Visual Studio Performance Report File Microsoft Free VSP Apps
.VSP VideoStudio Project File Corel Free VSP Apps
.VSPF Visual Studio Performance Filter File Microsoft Free VSPF Apps
.VSPROPS Visual Studio Project Property File Microsoft Free VSPROPS Apps
.VSPS Visual Studio Serialized Performance Report Microsoft Free VSPS Apps
.VSPSCC Visual Studio Project Source Control File Microsoft Free VSPSCC Apps
.VSPX Visual Studio Performance Report Data File Microsoft Free VSPX Apps
.VSQ VOCALOID2 Project File YAMAHA Free VSQ Apps
.VSS Visio Stencil File Microsoft Free VSS Apps
.VSSETTINGS Visual Studio Settings File Microsoft Free VSSETTINGS Apps
.VSSM Visio Macro-Enabled Stencil File Microsoft Free VSSM Apps
.VSSSCC Visual Studio Solution Source Control File Microsoft Free VSSSCC Apps
.VSSX Visio Stencil File Microsoft Free VSSX Apps
.VST Targa Bitmap Image Not Available Free VST Apps
.VST Visio Drawing Template Microsoft Free VST Apps
.VST VST Audio Plugin Steinberg Free VST Apps
.VST3 VST 3 Audio Plugin Steinberg Free VST3 Apps
.VSTM Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing Template Microsoft Free VSTM Apps
.VSTPRESET VST Preset File Steinberg Media Technologies Free VSTPRESET Apps
.VSTX Visio Drawing Template Microsoft Free VSTX Apps
.VSU Visio Custom User Interface File Microsoft Free VSU Apps
.VSV Virtual Machine Saved State File Microsoft Free VSV Apps
.VSW Visio Workspace File Microsoft Free VSW Apps
.VSX Visio Stencil XML File Microsoft Free VSX Apps
.VSZ Visual Studio Wizard File Microsoft Free VSZ Apps
.VTF Valve Texture File Valve Free VTF Apps
.VTF 3DESIGN CAD File Vision Numeric Free VTF Apps
.VTM Visual Tool Markup Language Document Adobe Free VTM Apps
.VTML Visual Tool Markup Language File Adobe Free VTML Apps
.VTPR Studio Store Visualizer Project Esko Free VTPR Apps
.VTT Web Video Text Tracks File Not Available Free VTT Apps
.VTU Virtue VTU Virtue VTU Free VTU Apps
.VTV Adobe Dreamweaver Validator Configuration File Adobe Free VTV Apps
.VTX Visio Template XML File Microsoft Free VTX Apps
.VTX VTX Chiptune File Not Available Free VTX Apps
.VTX Anim8or 3D Model Steve Glanville Free VTX Apps
.VUD Virtual Machine Undo Drive File Microsoft Free VUD Apps
.VUE FoxPro 2.x View Settings Not Available Free VUE Apps
.VUE Vue Scene File E-on Software Free VUE Apps
.VVD Vivid 3D Scanner Element File Konica Minolta Free VVD Apps
.VVF Voc Vocabulary File Christian Zigotzky Free VVF Apps
.VVV Virtual Volumes View Catalog Not Available Free VVV Apps
.VW Volkswriter Text File Lifetree Software Free VW Apps
.VWI Microsoft Visio Workflow Interchange File Microsoft Free VWI Apps
.VWL Vuforia Word List PTC Free VWL Apps
.VWP Vehicle Weapon File Raven Software Free VWP Apps
.VWX Vectorworks Design File Nemetschek Free VWX Apps
.VX_ Compressed Virtual Device Driver File Microsoft Free VX_ Apps
.VX2 Space Engineers Voxel Object Data File Keen Software House Free VX2 Apps
.VXD Virtual Device Driver Not Available Free VXD Apps
.VXML VoiceXML File Not Available Free VXML Apps
.VXP Mobile Application File Not Available Free VXP Apps
.VYF Samsung Digital Voice Recorder File Samsung Free VYF Apps
.VYM VYM Mind Map File VYM Free VYM Apps
.VZM Verizon Message File Verizon Free VZM Apps
Extension File Type Developer Free Apps

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