Options For Startups’ Payment Processing

An extensive commitment with a never-ending list of considerations is starting a business. One of the many factors to take into account is payment processing. Here is a brief explanation of the various payment options you can accept and how to handle them.

Systems and Payment Cards

The most common payment method used by consumers today is a credit or debit card. The potential sales of your company may suffer if you don’t accept this payment method. Businesses can choose from the following options for credit card processing services today:

payment portal

Businesses can now accept card payments both in-person and online thanks to payment gateways. They make it possible for money to be transferred from your customer’s account to yours by facilitating the transaction between your payment processing bank and your customer’s card-issuing bank.


Customers can carry out transactions using this method of payment without a physical card being present by using their mobile device and digital wallet, or eWallet. To complete the transaction, the merchant needs to have the necessary hardware and software.

Selling Point (POS)

A POS is a physical terminal in-store where a customer inserts or swipes their credit or debit card to make a purchase. Additionally, there are portable wireless POS systems available on the market that accept credit cards.

Terminal for credit cards

In that, they are tangible pieces of hardware that can dip and swipe credit or debit cards, credit card terminals are analogous to POS systems. Instead of using a card reader and keypad, many vendors also provide virtual terminals, which let you take card information using a computer.

Email billing

Some processing services allow businesses to send invoices to their customers via email. The customers can then click the link and pay their invoice using a variety of methods, such as credit/debit cards and ACH, by clicking on it.


The options are comparable but not identical if your company accepts ACH or eCheck payments.


ACH or eCheck payments can be finished through online payment gateways. Instead of using a credit or debit card, the customer simply chooses this option on the payment screen, enters their banking information, and submits the payment.

Payments for subscriptions

Through an online payment gateway, you can accept subscription services and repeat billing as well as directly deduct money from your customers’ checking accounts. Customers can choose to make a single purchase or sign up for recurring purchases on a weekly, monthly, annual, or another timeframe basis, depending on how your eCommerce selections are set up.

Paying by phone

You can offer to accept payments over the phone if your clients value a more personalized experience. Without the customer ever logging in to a computer or mobile device, you can still collect their information and process the payment using your online payment portal.

remotely captured deposits

In essence, this service converts paper checks into electronic ones. Businesses can take pictures of physical checks and turn them into electronic payments, much like the mobile deposit feature in your banking app.


You will need a crypto terminal to process cryptocurrency payments if your company decides to accept them for your products or services.

Bitcoin Terminal

A crypto terminal is a piece of hardware or software that can be either digital or physical. Customers can transfer money to your virtual wallet through this connection to pay for the goods and services you are offering.

Electronic Crypto Terminal

It will essentially be a page on your website if your crypto terminal is virtual. Customers who select cryptocurrency when paying for their purchases in the shopping cart are directed to a different payment screen than those who choose other payment methods.

Real-world crypto terminal

Merchants can buy a physical item to connect to their current POS system for a brick-and-mortar store. This enables your cashiers to accept cryptocurrency as payment in addition to more conventional methods.


Merchants have a wide variety of payment options to offer customers as more payment systems, services, and currencies become available. To increase their customer base, businesses are turning to alternative and online payment methods. Businesses have a wide range of options for accepting customer payments, including credit cards, electronic checks, and cryptocurrencies.

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