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Instagram Statistics That Will Be Important for Marketers in 2022

Social media has come a long way since Myspace was the only place where you could share photos, music, and status updates. Nowadays, platforms such as Instagram and Facebook address both individuals and businesses, with significant potential for promoting and advertising products and services. Keeping up with the trends and putting together a solid social media marketing strategy, on the other hand, is difficult. With 2022 rapidly approaching, we’ve compiled a list of Instagram metrics and statistics to keep an eye on if you intend to use the social media platform for marketing purposes.

Instagram’s short-form video content is on the rise

Instagram’s recent developments, such as the reels option, which allows marketers to create 30-second videos, are one trend to watch in 2022. Even though it was only recently introduced, this Instagram feature is quickly becoming more popular than stories or IGTV. Nobody can deny that TikTok’s massive success as an online marketing platform influenced Instagram to push for these short videos as a form of advertising.

Even though long-form video content and stories will continue to provide value, customers prefer these short marketing clips. Whether you intend to create your own reels or work with various influencers, focusing on short videos could provide a much-needed boost in engagement, leads, and sales.

Instagram Statistics That Will Be Important for Marketers in 2022

The proliferation of Social Shopping

During the coronavirus outbreak, social shopping, which was already on the rise, gained a lot of traction. Instagram was quick to jump on board, introducing new features to enhance the shopping experience. Instagram Checkout is already available in several jurisdictions, allowing customers to purchase products without leaving the platform and visiting a third-party website.

Social shopping not only allows social media users to buy products without being redirected to the seller’s website but also improves communication. Customers typically crave communication, and being able to converse with the brand is extremely convenient.

Influencer Marketing Isn’t Going Out of Style

Influencer marketing is a valuable tool for promoting your products and services on Instagram, whether you represent a well-established company or a start-up. This recipe appears to be indefinitely effective because people frequently trust recommendations from others rather than the actual company, regardless of how trustworthy it is.

However, 2022 could see a significant shift in how influencer marketing works on Instagram. A shift from macro to micro-influence could be seen in 2021 as well, which should be considered when developing your Instagram marketing strategy.

So, instead of simply going after an influencer with a massive following and hoping for the best, you can get as many customers as possible through the power of numbers alone, and spend more time finding the right person. It’s a good idea to do some research and find niched influencers with authority in the domain or industry in which you’re working. Promoting a £5 deposit bonus, for example, through an influencer in the gaming niche will almost certainly yield better results than going after a more popular individual who has nothing to do with the niche.

Take Advantage of Live Videos

According to Instagram statistics, more than 100 million users launch or watch live videos daily. That’s a massive number of potential customers you can reach by having the right influencer promote your company. Instagram’s audience is growing by the year, and it’s an important channel to investigate in addition to reels, stories, and the traditional Instagram post.

Instagram Statistics That Will Be Important for Marketers in 2022

Improve Your Profile

Whatever combination of Instagram marketing channels you choose, make sure your profile is optimized as well. With all of the focus on engagement and reach on Instagram, it’s easy to overlook the importance of an optimized profile. Use clickable hashtags, include profile links in IGTV videos, and include story highlights to give customers easy access to important content.

As a business, make sure to identify your target audience on Instagram and then optimize your profile accordingly. It’s difficult enough to get users to visit your profile; if you don’t make it appealing to them, there’s little chance of actually selling anything.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action

According to Instagram statistics, over 80% of stories that include and emphasize a call to action perform better. So, don’t limit yourself to simply promoting your service or product. Include a call to action (such as the Swipe Up message at the bottom of the screen or adding stickers to your story) to elicit a response from users.

Don’t Underestimate Humanitarian Efforts

According to Instagram user statistics, companies that engage in social and humanitarian campaigns receive more attention. So, if you’re in a position to join such campaigns and show your support, don’t be shy. It is, indeed, not the most direct form of Instagram marketing. However, it can provide numerous long-term benefits and improve your company’s image.

Don’t Concentrate on Specific Markets

As a business, you may be tempted to concentrate your efforts in countries with high living standards, where you will have a better chance of selling your products or services. However, this type of preconception can stymie your progress. Focus on opening up to as many territories as possible, and disregard concepts like “first-world countries.”

The audience per country on Instagram is a statistic that supports the preceding assertion. You’d think the United States would be far ahead in that category, right? According to Statista, India leads the pack with over 180 million Instagram users.

Because there are so many variables right now, it’s impossible to predict what 2022 will bring in terms of social media marketing. However, based on the statistics and recommendations provided above, you can plan your strategy and stay current on all of the trends that may impact your results. We encourage our readers to share their thoughts, advice, or tips on the subject in the comments section. Regardless of how many predictions are made, online marketing is a very dynamic domain in which all perspectives are welcome!

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